When is the best time to work out, morning or evening?

There has been a big debate inside the fitness community about when is the best time to work out and get better results and benefits of exercise. It isn’t so simple because we are unique and our body react differently. What we do know is there are different benefits of working out in the morning and working out in the evening.

Some benefits of working out in the morning:

– Boost your energy for the rest of the day.

– Increase the total calories expedite by increasing the metabolism and your body temperature.

– Your body pre workout had been in a recovering and regeneration process, depending of the amount and quality of your sleep and when was your last meal.

– It is easier to stay on track with the fitness goals, no excuses about not having time to work out because of work or family.

– Perfect time of the day to avoid crowds and almost have the entire gym to yourself.

–  Makes it easier to have a healthy breakfast, post workout shake or snack.

morning workout vs evening workout

Some benefits of working out in the evening:

– It takes less time to warm up because your body is already full awake from a full day of work and having some activity.

– Naturally your body temperature increases with the end of the day by a few degrees, and that results in a slight increase in your performance.

– It can work as a stress relief. Having a combat sport activity or a personal training session at the end of your workday can provide a healthy way to release the stress.

– Is it easier to work out with a friend at that time of the day, creating a great vibe and sometimes improving your social life.

– Keep in mind, if you do your cardio session at the night, try to finish 1 hour before bed time, or you can interfere with your sleep cycle.

Like I told on the start, you have to discover the best time to workout for you, and what works better with your daily routine. The best way to reach you goals is to remember to have a plan, be consistent, and avoid the excuses to skip the gym.

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