energizing morning workout routine2Working out in the morning can set you up for a better day. Set a positive and healthy tone for your day right at the start and that attitude is more likely to carry you through.

You will start to feel better about yourself and the new mental attitude will help you deal better with obstacles that present themselves.  Positive reinforcement will help keep you on a healthy track and therefore will help you exercise more consistently.

Basically, positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity. So if you feel you are in a rut, are trying to loose weight, or just need a lifestyle change, try exercising in the morning.


Benefits to Morning Exercise

There is a huge connection between sleep and weight loss as quality of sleep affects hormones that control appetite. Those who exercises late at night tend to have more trouble falling asleep since exercise energizes the body it is more difficult to relax and fall into a peaceful sleep.

Exercising in the morning jump starts your metabolism and can keep it up throughout the day. People tend to find that morning exercise helps them to make better food choices and to regulate their appetites.

Exercise stimulates the brain and increases mental acuity. So exercising before work can help you think clearer and perform better at work.

If you have a busy schedule and have trouble making time to exercise, getting up 30-60 minutes  earlier to exercise will make it less likely that you will miss a workout due to conflicts or being too tired by the time you get home.

It takes discipline to get up earlier than you “necessary”, but over time your body will adjust to waking at an earlier hour, especially if you are consistent. It’s worth going to bed an hour earlier to help you wake up, plus the more sleep before 12am, the better, since the first few hours of sleep are our deepest and therefore the most restorative.

The Energizing Morning Workout

Try these full body moves to energize your day.

Vinyasa Warm-up


Stand tall with your feet together. Take a deep breath as you sweep your arms out and up overhead. Exhale and send your hips back as you fold forward with a long spine.

Jump or walk your feet back to plank. Hold for three deep breaths while holding your abdominals and butt strong.

Send your hips up and back as your press into your hands to come into Down Dog. Keep stretching for 3 deep breaths.

In Down Dog, bend your knees and look through the palms of your hands by extending at the upper back.

Jump or walk you feet back in to your hands.

Reverse the #1 by lengthening your spine up to a flat back and sending your hips forward to return to the standing position as your arms sweep out to the sides and overhead to meet in prayer.

Repeat the vinyasa 4 times.

Side Plank with Twist

Sit on the right hip with the right hand down on the floor directly under the right shoulder.

Press away from the floor to lift your hips up towards the sky while balancing on the sides of your feet. Extend your top left arm up to the sky.

If you feel ready, reach your left arm around under your hips while hollowing out your abs and return the arm up overhead. Do 3-6 reaches and then repeat on the left side.

Box Jumps

Stand tall with feet directly under the hips a few inches away from a sturdy box about one foot high.

Jump with both feet up onto the box and then jump right back down to the starting position. Keep jumping and aim to complete 20.

Overhead Press

Stand tall with feet directly under the hips. Hold the weight in the rack position by squeezing your elbow in by your side and palm facing in.

Brace your abdominals and butt as you press the weight overhead, palm rotates to face front.

*Note: Choose a weight that you can cleanly complete 12-15 repetitions.

Fan Kicks

Stand a few inches away from a yoga block, foam roller upright on one end, or another object you can kick over. Adjust the height your your needs. Place your hands behind your head and brace your abdominals.

Swing the right leg across your body and up around the object on the floor to kick over it. Then do the same on the left. Keep alternating legs, aiming to complete 10 fan kicks on each leg.

Pay attention to the standing leg that the knee doesn’t rotate in. You are bracing your abdominals against rotation here as the leg fans around so stay solid.

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