Hey fit world, how’s the training going?! Anybody like to work out first thing in the morning? Morning workouts can be extremely rewarding in a bunch of different ways.

You get your workout done and out of the way without having to worry about dragging yourself to the gym later in the day and your lower energy levels. Morning workouts give you an immediate energy boost physically and mentally that you can benefit from the whole day.

You also get a chance to spike your metabolism early and have a higher calorie burn for most of what you eat throughout the day. These are a few benefits seen with morning workouts that you don’t get with workouts at night or later in the day.


The next question is how to maximize the extra “head start” of morning workout benefits?. The answer lies in what should always go hand in hand with great training, and that’s post workout nutrition.

Best rules for breakfast after your morning training sessions:

– High protein… Protein shakes, egg whites, greek yogurts, and cottage cheese… Protein is a super macronutrient because it not only provides energy and recovery but promotes healthy muscle tissue and has a very small potential to be processed into body fat. It’s a safe nutrient and should be taken advantage of almost any time you eat or snack.

Do not try to go completely carbless. Despite the fact that high protein is a priority for giving the body a lot of productive lean calories, our body does need some carbohydrates for it’s all day long term energy source, and completely eliminating them can easily make the body feel it needs to store fat as a defense. You might as well get them in at breakfast while you have the whole day to burn them.

– Try to limit or lighten your carbohydrate intake and create a calorie ratio where you still eat less of them than protein. Low glycemic carbs and some fruits are good habits to get into. Also, wheat and whole grain carb options, and sweet potatoes are great.

– Prioritize good fats for health benefits like good cholesterol, better fat metabolism and brain function. Good fats should also replace the calories you’ll lose from limiting your carbs. Avocados, nuts, peanut butter, tuna, salmon, even egg yolks all are great choices.

– Think RECOVERY when deciding what you’ll eat for breakfast. Proteins for muscle reinforcement, good fats for quick energy, and low glycemic carbohydrates for lasting easily digestible calories. Good recovery foods are things like proteins, chocolate milk, peanut butter, and whole oats/oatmeal.

morning workout breakfast

– Don’t eat your breakfast with the purpose or idea of getting full. Eat for the purposes of refueling. This means make sure you get a good balance of proteins, good fats, and some carbohydrates for putting back energy, but don’t feel the need to stuff yourself. The mentality should be that breakfast is just the first pit stop and you just need enough fuel to get you to the next check point.

– The breakfast slogan that you should always keep in your head is, “Eat lean, eat for energy, and eat to burn.”

There’s how to really get a great kick-start to your day in both aspects of fitness! You’ve surely been training well, now make sure your breakfast habits are just as awesome. Get the hang of these general rules and you’ll go a long way!

As always i’m happy to assist you in your training and look forward to future opportunities to work with you all further and hear about your successes! Be sure to comment on how helpful these topics are for you.

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