Winter is coming

As I write this, we have edged our way from Summer into Autumn. October has brought a wave of freshness with it, and as the leaves are changing colour, our thoughts already turn to Winter.

Where I live in Scotland, we experience early Winters, and already we have had throngs of thick fog, dark rain filled nights and drops in temperature. The Autumn equinox brought us a full moon that slowly eclipsed to a blood red, before r- emerging as a white ghost in a star filled sky.


Need motivation for the winter months?

It’s only a matter of time before we will be awakening to frost covered roads and crisp fresh mornings. Trouble is, it’s often hard to get motivated when your first thought in the morning is to wrap yourself in the duvet and grab an extra fifteen minutes before getting up.

However, tweaking your fitness requirements may make these frosty days a little more manageable. The Winter months can often be a trigger for us to store fat as we enter hibernation mode, so it’s important to keep up with your cardio workouts through the season.

Warm up thoroughly before exercising outside

If it’s cold outside and you are tempted to go for a run, it’s a good idea to warm up before you venture out.

However, you don’t want to overdo it, if you start your workout comfortably warm, not really hot, you will find yourself fresher when you get started. Start slow so you can continue your warm up when you are outside.

What should I wear when exercising outdoors in the cold?

Dressing correctly for the colder weather is also important. Try to avoid cotton, that will absorb your sweat like a sponge.

Instead choose a base layer that is snug and breathable and if you need a layer on top, try a fleeceDress for the temperature, if it’s really cold out there, you will need a hat and gloves too.

morning winter workouts_2

Despite the cold weather, in most areas of mainland  Scotland, we don’t see a lot of snow. But if you do get a lot of the stuff,remember the dangers of running through it.

Avoid danger zones like hills, stick to flat ground, and if it’s freezing, it might be better to miss your run and do something else for your fitness fix. Training indoors might be the safest option when the weather is just too hazardous.

Preparation is key for overcoming winter mornings

On a cold Winter’s morn, the last thing you may want to do is work out, but if you prepare yourself for the challenge you can get straight to it without a second thought.

A great idea when you awaken, is to get straight into your normal workout gear. Keep your kit handy and climb straight into it first thing. This will really encourage you to get moving right away.

As well as preparing your clothes, take a few minutes the night before to jot down the exercises you want to do, so you don’t need to think about the routine when you wake.

A  few quick notes with the exercises you want to do means you won’t have to sit down and start thinking before you workout. Often that kind of procrastination can lead to a total opt out for the workout.

Planning morning winter workouts

So prepare your own indoor boot camp workout. List your exercises and reps and get going.

Squats 20 reps

Press ups 20 reps

Plank 1 minute

Bicep curls 30 reps

Lunges 15 reps each leg

It will really help to have a program ready made for those Winter mornings, so do the prep and get ready.

Get creative in the winter – Build a snowman!

If the snow really falls, and you awaken to a scene straight from Narnia, why not embrace your inner child and do what comes naturally.

Get outside and start making that ultimate snowman. Get those muscles working out while you build something that the neighbourhood kids will love.

You will burn huge amounts of calories and tone those muscles, by packing and rolling that snow till your exhausted.

In the cold weather you will burn more calories as your body strives to keep you warm, so build a snowman or have a snowball fight with your neighbours, it will be the most fun you ever have working out and before you know it you will be in great shape for the holidays.

Have fun !

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