Let´s talk about mini trampolines and bouncing exercise . . .

A mini trampoline is a circular padded device which measurements range from 36 to 40 inches, with or without a “handle” or stabilization bar (depending on the dimension).

It has an elastic surface that depending on the size will allow to store more elastic energy and jump higher with less effort (55 inches), than a smaller one (38-40 inches) but the last one will provide a more controlled bounce because of its sturdier surface.


For fitness purposes I recommend 38-40 inches.

Bouncing benefits?

Well . . .

– As a low impact exercise, your joints will be safe

– High-energy expenditure per session (depending on the duration of the session/intensity)

– Cause is a fun exercise you will experience a considerably reduction on your stress and anxiety level

– Stimulation of your internal organs so it helps from regulating bowel movement to detoxification due stimulation of the lymphatic system

– Gains in your cardio respiratory fitness (depending on the intensity, duration and consistency)

– Covering the entire range of motion of the lower extremities (that equals joint health)

– Increased kinesthetic awareness

– Improved muscle tone and balance

mini trampoline workout2

Image by Birdies100

Suggested mini trampoline routine

Warm up (10 minutes)

Start with your basic motions, from neck to toes (rotation, flexion, extension, etc.), but you´ll do it in the surface of the mini trampoline causing the activation of the stabilizers.


You all know them!

Feet shoulder with apart, neutral position of the spine, contract your abs and gluteus.

You want to do 3 sets of 10-15 reps with a rest between sets of a minute.

* If performing a full squat is somehow hard for you, remember you can always start with a ¾ squat (when your legs almost break parallel) and then progress to a full squat; the main thing is to execute the exercise (same stimuli).

High knees

You are going to mimic the running motion but taking your knees waist high at a 70-80% of your maximal speed.

4-6 sets of 30 seconds rest for a minute-minute and a half between sets.

High knees with a pause

Same mechanic as the above but you are going to stop the motion (3 seconds), when each leg reaches upper position, that is you are going to stand in one leg when the other is waist-high and then switch legs.

2 sets of 20 seconds rest for a minute and a half.

Leg pistons

Same position as in a squat, then you´ll extend forcefully your hip and knees but without jumping, maintain position and keep bouncing.

4-6 sets of 30 seconds, (as fast as you can but always maintaining good form)

Rest for a minute between sets.

High jumps

Feet shoulder with apart, neutral position of the spine, contract your abs and gluteus.
Jump in a controlled manner as high as you can.

– Do not reset when landing
– Do not tuck your legs
– Careful not to fall (you should be able to stop between jumps anytime)
– Fun isn´t it?

Perform 1-2 sets of 30-60 jumps, no rest between jumps.

Cool down

Walk for ten minutes (at a slow pace)
After that you could always do a little stretching, if so remember to maintain the stretch for 30 seconds.

I hope you bounce your way into a healthier lifestyle.

Safe training everyone!

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