Military conditioning is based on overcoming obstacles in any form

Being ‘mission ready’ at all times and throughout the years is what we are aiming at.

Putting the body through carefully designed programmes to break its comfort zones on land or water requires being at optimal physical and mental conditioning.


A tactical athlete is born

“Tactical athlete” is a relatively new phrase in the military and sports training world.

A tactical athlete is a person with the physical ability, stamina and strength to function on the battlefield. Similar to athletes who participate in regular sports, tactical athletes must be strong, fast and agile, but also have the endurance to perform repeatedly.

To get better on the battlefield, they must focus on exercises that directly translate to the demands of their jobs.

Beyond the requirements of many other sports, tactical athletes must work on their muscular endurance and cardiovascular stamina.

You could be the most powerful or fastest athlete in the world, but it won’t matter if you can’t sustain your performance when it’s needed most.

 Aspects of physical conditioning

Tactical conditioning is to have all aspects of physical conditioning combined into one programme over a period 12 to 16 weeks. Endurance, strength, mobility all combined to achieve a peak level to bring the athletes to the best condition possible.

Endurance: to be able to maintain a certain level of activity for longer period of time.

Strength: to be able to exert maximum force for a shorter period time.

Mobility: to have joints that move in its natural range without incurring injury when loads are placed upon it.

Combined Training: to design a programme that contain all the above elements that pushes the athletes 1% every day.

“Tools of the trade”

In the past we have traditional exercise set ups like push-ups pull-ups, endurance running , sit-ups and partner workout drills.

In this new age where functional training plays a huge role in improving fitness levels the likes of: TRX Suspension trainers, kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, and multi stations,  functional training equipment has come into the light and proven to be useful in building a solid tactical training environment.

To find overall balance and to train like a soldier one needs to have the mind and attitude of a soldier, to break beyond the comfort zones, to have discipline to break mental barriers, and eventually  attain top physical condition.

“To be able to do anything in any environment”

Before you begin a programme remember  “if you have not earned it, don’t do it”. Levels of progressions are earned through building up strength, endurance and mental focus to achieve the optimal results.

Benchmark your levels first through various tests so that tracking progress will be based on levels you began with.

 A sample benchmark will be:

military training exercises_2 Strength: 1 minute push-ups & 1 minute pull-ups (options – TRX Atomic Push up test & TRX Inverted Row test  for a minute)

Endurance: 1 mile run or Plank (timed up to fatigue or failure)

A sample military training programme:

– 10 minute of mobility and preparation (1 minute each x 2 rounds)

– TRX Overhead lunge

Walking lunges

– Plank

– TRX Squat Row

– Hip & Shoulder mobility movements

Strength workout

(between 5-8 repetitions with maximum load)

– TRX Single arm row (change the vector to increase the load or wear a weight vest for added resistance)

– Sandbag squats (holding the Sandbag against the chest)

– Sandbag Overhead squats

– TRX Atomic Push ups. (full ranged push-up)

Endurance/High Intensity Interval Training workout

(40 / 20 work to rest intervals)

– Battle rope Slams / Waves

– Med ball overhead toss

Med ball single arms planks (40 seconds each arm)

– Skater lunges

– TRX Hamstring curls

– Straight arm walking planks (centipede  walks)

– 200 meter sprint

Cool Down

Work on some of the mobility exercise from the warm up and /or using a Foam Roller helping the recovery process.

*A Tactical workout is a progressive routine with multiple stations and options. The sample workout can be a starting point or a guide to build one’s own routine.

The best part of designing a military training exercise routine is that you can add any type of modality to the programme. As long as it is in line with the desired outcome.

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