Want a taste of Green Beret training? Jump to it with our circuit that will test your mettle.

Warm up with 5-10min of cardio and do some dynamic stretches, plus a slow ‘walkthrough’ of the exercises to familiarise yourself with them. Adjust the reps to suit your individual fitness level. Move from one exercise to the next as quickly as possible, only rest at the end of the circuit.

1. Press-up triad

Military training exercises getting you ready 2

10 reps diamond press-ups/10 reps shoulder-width press ups/10 reps wide arm press-ups.

How to perform:

Perform 10 press-ups with your hand touching, fingers forming a diamond shape directly under your chest. Then without pausing, move your hands out and position them directly under your shoulders and perform a further 10 press-up reps before moving your hands out further still and performing a final set off 10, to total 30 consecutive reps.

2. Squat triad

military training exercises_3

12 squat jumps/12 squats/12 lunges per leg.

How to perform:

With your feet shoulderwidth apart, squat down and jump up as high as you can before landing on the balls of your feet and repeating for 12 continuous reps. After the last squat jump, hold the landing and do 12 squats, before splitting your stance and performing 12 reps of alternate leg lunges (12 on each leg). Total exercises per set 48.

3. Pull-up pairing

military training exercises_4

6 over grasp chin-ups/6 under grasp pull-ups.

How to perform:

After completing 6 reps in the over hand position, switch immediately to the under grip position for a further 6 reps. Lift your chin over the bar and don’t swing. Lower to full arm extension. 12 reps equals 1 set.

4. Burpees

military training exercises_4

20 reps including squat jump and press-ups.

How to perform:

Squat, and place your hands outside of your feet. Drive your legs back whilst simultaneously dropping into a press-up position. Perform a press-up and then jump your legs back under your body and straight into a jump for height. Extend your body fully in the air. Land on the balls of your feet throughout the move. This is 1 rep 19 more to go!

5. Plank triad

military training exercises_6

30sec. left/front/right plank holds.

How to perform:

Lie on your side. Stack your feet on top of each other and position your elbow beneath your shoulder. Push up from this position to achieve a straight body. Hold. After 30sec, roll onto your front and place both feet on the floor and rest your weight on both elbows.

Keep your hips elevated and your body straight. Hold for 30sec. Then roll onto your right side and hold the side plank for the final 30 seconds. Remember to breath during this exercise!

6. Sandbag (or powerbag, barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell) clean and press triad

military training exercises_7

6 cleans, 6 presses, 6 clean and presses.

How to perform:

For the clean – stand with feet hip-width apart, arms hanging in front of your thighs. Firmly hold the weight. Now bend your knees and hips so that the weight becomes level with your shins. Explosively extend your hips and knees, whilst pulling with the arms to lift the weight to shoulder height. Roll the hands under the weight to catch it in the ‘shoulder press’ position.

Lower under control and repeat 6 times. Next press – using your legs slightly if necessary (by bending them and then driving them up to add momentum to the press), dynamically press the weight overhead for 6 more reps, before finally performing a clean and press (which combines the two previous movements) for 6 more reps. 18 reps equal 1 set. Rest 90-120 seconds before repeating.

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