Metabolism Myths… BUSTED!

The peak of summer is pretty much here and now might hopefully be the time you are able to show off that summer body you’ve been planning for weeks and months!

The fitness industry is renown for pumping out messages, directions, advice, instruction and all manner of marketing talk to persuade you to buy the latest gadget, gizmo, supplement or diet programme. It does so throughout the year but particularly in the build up to Summer. In fact there’s so much material flying around it can become hard to sort the truly practical and valid from the hype and the myths.


So I’ve got into some metabolism mythbusting and have put together five mythbusters. It is not unusual for people to be confused about this. It is often used as some kind of excuse for being out of shape (“I have a slow metabolism”) whilst most people really don’t know how to make their metabolism work for them and get the best out of it.

1.  Eliminate carbohydrates

A myth that has gained huge traction in recent years has been the idea that cutting carbs is critical to maximising metabolic performance. It is absolutely true that processed carbs should be minimised and upping protein can give your metabolism a good boost, but eliminating all carbohydrates is not a great idea.

2.  Exercise alone boosts metabolism

It is 100% tue that exercise is a superb metabolism booster. Aerobic workouts are very good but don’t forget toning and strengthening exercises which really are responsible for taking your metabolism to a new level and keeping it in a really great place. However none of this will reach its real potential if it is not fuelled by a quality nutritious diet.

Metabolism Mythbusting!_2

3. Eat five or six mini meals every day

Do this instead of following the traditional pattern of breakfast, lunch, dinner. In fact many people even fail to do that right by skipping breakfast, grabbing lunch on the run and then eating a vast meal at night before going to bed.

This is wrong on many levels! However whilst eating several smaller meals during the day is a good thing, don’t panic if eating patterns are erratic from time to time. You won’t dismantle your metabolism the moment you don’t follow a proper eating pattern.

It’s also worth knowing that it takes the body more than a week of serious calorie restriction to enter starvation mode, so even if you have been poorly and off your food for a while, it´s not a total disaster! The key is really to settle on something that works well for your lifestyle and stick to it, as always, eating as healthily as possible.

4. Magic Metaboliser Foods

Some think that consuming certain types of foods will result in the magical stripping away of calories. It’s true that some foods are particularly effective at ramping up your metabolism, and therefore they are a fantastic regular addition to your diet. But remember that they are not a cure-all and won’t solve everything.

They’re certainly not a substitute for exercise and a licence to become a couch potato! Definitely build in more metabolism boosters like: chicken, broccoli, grapefruit, apples, pears, sardines, lean turkey, oatmeal, spinach, tuna, almonds, asparagus, habanero and jalapeno peppers, cabbage, celery and others. All are great but none excuse a lack of exercise or over eating!

5. We are born with a slow or fast metabolism

This is probably the biggest misconception of all and the one that is most often clung to by people who fail to shed fat.There are differences in metabolism from person to person, that is a fact. But they are actually so slight there is not enough to realistically blame.

Therefore don’t blame your metabolism! Improve your physical activity rates and diet – this will fire up your metabolism, keep it running efficiently and turn you into a functional fat burning machine!

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