Intense, short and sweet is a game changer. Maximum interval training is here to stay!

These programmes are designed to fit into your busy schedule and their simplicity and ease make them a hit..

A typical programme is structured to ensure that you reach your maximum heart rate in the shortest time possible.


The exercises selected are guaranteed to work your entire body, generating maximum fat burn which is the goal in these types of programmes.

Max interval training is a time-efficient way to improve health, fitness and performance.

*Remember to consult a health professional before starting any intense exercise regime.

My top choice for a max interval training is easy:

– Keep it simple.

– Work it hard.

– Build on it.

– Have an easier option ready if things get steamy.

Training tips:

– I have identified the level of this session as a level 6-8 on an intensity scale (1 being lowest and 10 being highest). So be prepared to get smashed.

Buddy up! You will have someone to push you and motivate you.

– Keep the equipment at close proximity so that you can be strict about the recovery periods.

Equipment required:

1) TRX Suspension Trainer.

2) Medicine ball of a challenging weight.

3) Exercise mat or towel.

Session description:

1) Warm up and mobility.

2) Each working round is 40 seconds.

3) Rest period is 20 seconds.

4) After completing each round rest for full minute.

5) Each round will be repeated twice (the second round will need to be a progressed version of the same exercise, or change tempo and perform it faster to increase intensity).

6) Right before the end of the session at the 30 minute mark you will have a challenge round. This will consist of one exercise that needs to be performed under a given time for 40 repetitions.

7) Finally the cool down will be stretches and mobility.

maximum interval training_2Max Interval Training Programme

Warm up

TRX Squats and rows.

Inch worm Planks variation.

TRX overhead  front lunge.

TRX Golf rotation.

TRX Single leg hip hinge.

TRX Torso stretch.

Round #1

TRX Squats and Rows.

Med Ball Reverse lunges.

Med ball overhead crunches.

TRX side lunges.

Round #2

TRX Chest Press.

TRX Plank.

Med ball Torso Rotations.

TRX Pikes.

Round #3

TRX Mid/ Low row.

TRX Cross lunge 20 seconds each leg.

Med ball overhead squats.

TRX Y raises in offset foot position.

Round #4

TRX Hamstring curl.

TRX Side plank.

TRX Kneeling rollout.

Med ball Bridge.

Challenge round

4 minutes-

40 Atomic push ups.

Round #5

TRX Tricep press.

TRX Bicep curl.

TRX Wall slides.

Cool Down

TRX Hip Hinge.

Seated Glute stretch.

TRX Chest stretch.

Cobra stretch for the abdominals.

Well done in completing a successful session! That will have well and truly hit you all over! Remember to make note of the level you were working at and next time you can ensure you either match or exceed it.

Learn to manage your intensity to avoid burn out. You don’t want to stop when you reach that fatigue level- instead switch to a regressed version of the same exercise.

If you apply yourself to this workout I can assure you that great results will follow and you will meet and probably exceed your goals!

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