Masters Sports has grown and grown in recent years. There are now huge and highly competitive fields in most sports from tennis and cricket to cycling, golf and Track and Field athletics.

In fact this is the time that some participants truly step up and become a genuine force to be reckoned with, often alongside others who have been there, seen it and done it in elite international ranks in their younger years.

Masters Athletics

Masters Athletics has attracted high levels of quality men and women around the world taking part in all manner of the track and field pursuits. It will be no surprise that the various running distances are covered in Masters age group categories as are the throwing disciplines.

But one event you might be forgiven for thinking falls of the itinerary as the years advance – pole vault.

But not a bit of it! And here at WatchFit we encountered Michael Jennetta, of New Jersey USA who is busy preparing to set personal bests this season over the very highest of bars and on the path to competing in the World Championships in Australia.

The pursuit to the World Championships

We thought it would be fascinating for Michael to share his journey with us here through a series of articles. He will be providing a thorough and honest account of his pursuit of World Championship representation and hopefully a podium place.

His training, diet and conditioning routines will all be included in what will be a revealing and informative series that might inspire others to realise it is not too late to compete at high levels!

Here is Michael’s first instalment…

Well it’s hard to believe this is my first communication with/for WatchFit. I am still truly flattered to have been asked to write my journey to the World Championship in Australia.

All of this has come about because of my Facebook contact with the wonderful fitness expert, all round action girl and WatchFit Contributor Joey Bull.

It was Joey who set this in motion and suggested I document my training and competing this season.

From one Expert to another

This week I appreciated the dietary education I received from Joey, regarding my consumption of the hemp seed.

With her encouragement I started out using the hulled seeds in my diet.

Every morning it is my intention to consume two tablespoons of this herb in my yoghurt and again two tablespoons in the evening salads I eat with my dinner.

And I am convinced this herb has aided my recovery. And it has done so in particular this week. Why? I did more training this week than any other week this Fall or Winter.

masters athlete Micheal Jennetta_2

Let me profile my week…

Sunday I joined a new training facility – Atlantic Care Health Facility (ACHF). The facility has an indoor track of approx 115 meters, mirrored studios, hot and cold pools, steam room and a hot tub.

This, along with my power gym Oceanside Wellness(OW), are in my program and fantastic resources for me.

Here is my training week:


I ran a strength ladder in ACHF consisting of 4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4 laps in the facility. Using a single lap rest in between the ladder reps. Next – single leg squats starting with 50 lbs x 10 reps both legs to 5 reps with 70 lbs.

In between the sets – 20lb kettlebell lunges forwards and backwards. During this I also performed session single leg Plyometrics and Prayer Squats. In all this routine took about two hours.

I finished up the day in the warm pool with 10 laps with a kick board, then 10 minutes in the hot tub.

Monday and Tuesday

I was sore but I was able to do a normal routine of push-ups and core. Riding a stationary bike was not as bad as I thought. The actual peddling was no problem at all in fact. But just when I was feeling good about myself I got off and started to walk… now that was hard!


My work day was hectic so I used it as a rest day.


I felt good. Back to Oceanside Wellness for a rowing session as well as core and random hill biking level 10 for 30 minutes. Again trying to push the lactates out and working cardio.


I was back at the Atlantic Care Health Facility for mirror training using a heavy bar to check my knee drive steps using High Knee Drills and Jump Plant Pole Transitions.

I put a video of this abbreviated motive on my FB Page for my followers to view.

Saturday was my triple workout day

Morning session was sprint work on the Atlantic City track. 400m warm up, stretching and sprinter drills. 8 x 120m runs with a 30 second rest. Warm down was a very slow, and I mean slow 400m.

Next I was at Oceanside Wellness for upper body training. Starting with Hammer Strength Bench 70lbs 10×3 then 90lbs 5×3. In between the latter sets Hammer Dips forward and reverse 10x90lbs x 5sets. Followed by Hammer Strength Lat Pullovers 50lbs 10×5. Finally SuperSet Incline Bench 50lbs to 70lbs and back.

Feeling good I went to the cables for a series I do and the neutral grips to do a little swing and core drill. Finally flat bench pull-overs with core x 6 sets.

Then it was off to Atlantic Care Health Facility for a 2000m row in 9:36, and laps in the pool followed by a welcome steam room visit.


I rested with lunch with my boys and a long wallow in a deep bath!

This week the pits are out at the track so hoping to get good weather to set up and start outdoor regimen with my students and myself.

On a final note, I am a USATF Associate Official and I may have an opportunity to officiate the Big East Indoor Finals in Staten Island, New York. Looking forward to that!

Thanks for reading! 

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