Exercise can be fun. For me it is. As the owner and trainer of my own training business, people think I exercise all day every day. That is not true, and it is never suggested that anyone should love to exercise that much. The body needs rest regardless of the age or gender of the person.

Which exercises do you like?

Make sure to do the exercises you like 3-4 times each month.  Not too much though, because you will get bored and stay away from it.  Challenging myself is what makes exercise fun for me. Going on 30 years old, I am constantly challenging myself and achieving new things. Check out these boredom busters to avoid getting caught in a rut.


Exercise in different places to make exercise fun. Do you exercise outside, at a gym, football field? This season is a great time to exercise outside. If it rains, go outside anyway to challenge yourself from falling in the mud or puddle.

Do you have at least 1 exercise partner?

If you do not have ideas on what to do to make exercise fun, try exercising with at least one person that has ideas and/or sign up for group or online training. It helps to have at least one friend or relative to exercise with. You can challenge and motivate each other. You may learn new stuff about each other and appreciate each other more.

Get involved in more sports! Do you swim, bike ride, roller blade, race against time or friends? When is the last time you played basketball or tennis? How long has it been since you pulled out a jump rope?

How to make exercise fun

Between you and a friend or relative, challenge each other to see who can jump rope non stop for two minutes or longer. Play active games that you played as a kid that you enjoyed and may still enjoy now. Being an adult does not mean we can not have fun anymore doing things that we did before. How about getting eight to ten people to do tug of war (HECK YES)?

My clients talk about how easy it is to do many exercises. The reason for that is because I challenge myself and know what I am doing. Many of the exercises I show them I have been doing for months or years. I share this with you because we should try new things and go back to doing some of the stuff that we used to.

We do not need much equipment to get and stay fit or to make exercise fun. I challenge my clients to do different things every time I see them, which makes it unlikely to get bored or lose appreciation for what they are doing. I offer training packages where clients come to improve balance, strength and lose weight. Those are basic goals and I strive to make every session fun.

Get started today if you have not already.

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