Have a break? Have a quick workout!

It has just ticked onto 1pm. You’ve been in the office all morning, you’re not even sure what the weather is outside or if the short walk to the elevator is even worth it. If you’re like me, by early afternoon I need a pick me up. Most reach for the cookie or the instant sugar hit but not this time.

Get a natural buzz

Put down that cookie, throw away those energy drinks, invest in a quick gym workout and let the endorphins pick you up instead.
These workouts can be done individually or with a partner/group. Super flexible, efficient and proficient. Exactly what you need to re-focus for the rest of the afternoon.

Lunch times may not be flexible, but that doesn’t mean your workout can’t be! Below are 3 different routines.

One is weights based focusing on compound movements to make the best out of the time that you have. The second, a cardio workout focused on interval training for those who may only have 20 mins to get a sweat on. The final workout is boxing, a classic and a well-loved favourite of many which can give you a great whole body workout in a minimal amount of time.

Plan 1 Weights

Circuit Style
1 min rounds with 30 seconds rest in between rounds

– Dumbbell squats with press
– Pushups
– Bench Press
– Dumbbell Lunges with Bicep Curl
– Plank

Why this works

This workout is a perfect whole body workout. The combination of the squat with the shoulder press and the lunges with the bicep curl means that both the upper and lower body is working together making the movement compound and more metabolic.

It also works on your balance and tempo when combining two exercises together effectively. Push ups and bench press are sequenced together for a super set as the same muscle will be worked and with the bonus of minimal rest, meaning a high intensity workout in minimal time!

Plan 2 Cardio

lunchtime workout plan_2Part 1 – 10 mins
– 1 minute intervals treadmill (sprint) – 30 seconds recovery
– E.g. 1 min @ level 10 on the treadmill – 30 seconds @ level 8
– Repeat until the 10 minute time trial is up

Part 2
– Rower Sprint 250 m – 1 minute skipping
– Rower Sprint 250m – 1 min step up on step box
– Rower Sprint 250m – 1 minute skipping
– Rower Sprint 250 m – 1 minute on step box

Why this works?
Interval training challenges the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis and is effective in short bursts, perfect for that lunch time session. Again, we employ the idea of ‘active rest’ (a personal trainer favourite) and means you are moving for the entire time. However, when broken down, this session won’t take more than 20 minutes.

Plan 3 Boxing

Warm up
1 minute rounds of jabs, hooks, uppercuts. (Swap after all 3 rounds are completed)

Combo 1
– jab, cross, hook – 1 minute rounds x 3
– In between the rounds – 10 crunches
– Swap after 3 rounds are completed, partner does the same combo

Combo 2
– jab, jab, hook, squat – 1 minute rounds x 3
– In between the rounds – 10 push ups
– Swap after 3 rounds are completed, partner does the same combo

Final Push
– 1 person on a mat, one person with pads standing on their feet.
– Person on mat performs 1 minute of crunches. Every time the person crunches up, they must do 2 jabs to the person with the pads.
– 1 minute rounds – 30 seconds rest x 3 – swap partners

Enjoy your lunch break and your lunchtime workout plan, everyone!

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