Back pain is a common problem

It’s noticed by many people at one stage or the other in their lives.

The incidence and severity of back pain is, however, more common as a person ages as opposed to when people are young. A lot of triggers may cause back pain and these include the posture while sitting, lifting of heavy objects, bending poorly or back pain borne out of disease.


Back pain for most people will be short term and heals on its own when the cause is addressed.

In some people however, this is a chronic condition and all that they can do is to manage the back pain the best way they know how.

Below is an analysis of the various types and causes of back pain.

The most occurring back pain comes from the lumber section in the spine. This is between the lumber bone L1 to L5.

Take a look at your lifestyle

In most cases, the lifestyle of a person is the biggest cause for back pain.

This refers to either people who tend to sit long hours in positions that are not comfortable such as office workers, or even drivers who have to drive over long distances, maintaining the same posture on end.

Slipped disc

In other cases, a slipped disc in the spine may also cause pressure on the nerves running through the spine and this caused a lot of pain to the individual. Back pain may also be caused by neck injury or sudden impact which pushes the neck too fast, thus causing pain.

Stiffness in the shoulder may also cause inflammation and thus back pain.

Another of the common causes of back pain is Ankylosing spondylitis which occurs as a long-term condition in which pain and stiffness is felt in the region where the spine articulates with the pelvis.

Be careful!

Other types of back pain are non-specific and may be caused by various factors and these are addressed on a case by case basis by the doctor.

Short-term or long-term?

In most cases, back pain is a short-term condition which will resolve on its own without the need of having to see a doctor. This is after the cause is addressed.

In the case of back pain as a result of lifting heavy objects, the pain resolves once the cause is addressed. In case back pain has lingered a few days or even weeks, it is advisable to maintain normal daily activities.

lower back problems_2Over the counter painkillers may also be used to relieve off the pain.

Compression packs, either hot or cold may be used to relieve the pain. If you lack one, a pack of frozen vegetables can be used and deliver the same benefits. Being optimistic is also important as it helps one’s moods up despite the pain and thus, recovery is faster.

Any form of back pain that lasts over six weeks ought to be a cause for concern

In such cases, it is advisable to visit the doctor as soon as possible so that an accurate diagnosis and the causes of back pain can be evaluated and to get the various treatment options that one can try.

In most cases, stronger painkillers will be prescribed by the doctor as they are not available over the counter.


Exercise will also be recommended where posture is seen to be one of the main causes of back pain. These help oneself strengthen and improve posture.

In some cases, manual therapy will be recommended. These therapies include physiotherapy, osteotherapy or chiropractic which help in relieving back pain by addressing the root cause of the problem.

In some people, back pain may be ‘all in the mind’

For such people, cognitive behavioral therapy CBT is recommended. A specialist may also be recommended where a pain in the back may be addressed.

In rare cases, surgery is recommended where there is no other way out. This is in most cases for people whose disc has slipped and it places a lot of pressure on the nerves.

As prevention is better than cure, one can avoid the causes of back pain such as working on a specialized chair such as the orthopedic chair as well as having frequent breaks that help one change posture.

Regular exercise also helps a great deal and can help minimize the pressure on the back as well as strengthen the muscles in the back.

Yoga and Pilates are also great activities that can help build up the back as well as strengthen the core.

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