The aging process starts around 25-30 years of age when the production of Growth Hormone (somatropin/HGH) by the pituitary gland begins to decrease and all body cells begin to renew themselves less quickly. The amount of collagen in our tendons and ligaments decreases slowly, year after year, and the process of repair and growth in our muscles is less prolific.

For the individual who exercises this can mean injuries that don’t heal at the same rate that they did at age 20 and that the decrease in elasticity and strength from that decrease in collagen in our connective tissue can lead us to being more injury prone.

And so, like our impending mortality, the words “low impact exercise” loom on the horizon. It might mean a blow to the ego, but low-impact exercise is certainly anything but a blow to our results in the gym.


In low impact exercise the jarring and twisting of joints is minimized. So say good bye to burpees, punching and kicking the heavy bag, squat jumps, kettle swings and cleans, split squat jumps, push-ups with a clap, and box jumps. Can you get fit without these elements in your workouts? Of course you can!

low impact workout

What’s important is to make sure that an exercise regime covers as many aspects of physical fitness as possible: strength, coordination, agility, power, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance and that it should work towards increasing bone density and achieving a healthy body fat composition.

Consider your low impact workout options

STRENGTH: weight training, Pilates, TRX, Suspension yoga, Ashtanga yoga, P90-X (modified version low impact version), Power Plate workouts

COORDINATION: TRX, Pilates, yoga, weight training, dance classes, P-90 X (modified version)

AGILITY: tai-chi, ballroom dance classes

CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE: cycling, spinning, rowing, swimming, elliptical trainer, stationary bike, treadmill walking, hiking, walking with ankle and wrist weights

MUSCLE ENDURANCE: weight training, TRX, P90-X (modified low impact version), Pilates, Ashtanga yoga

FLEXIBILITY: Pilates, yoga, tai-chi, ballroom dance classes

POWER: weight training, Ashtanga yoga,

BALANCE: yoga, Pilates, Stability Ball classes

BONE INTEGRITY: weight training

BODY COMPOSITION: a combination of resistance exercise, aerobic exercise and proper nutrition

The muscles of the “core”, namely the abdominals, lower back and glutes are synergists and are involved in all of the exercises above, just some in more of a capacity than others.

The options are many, so choose what you like and with some guidance from a fitness professional on technique, form and frequency, you’ll be on track to getting results.  Results are generated by consistency and it’s easier to be consistent when exercise isn’t daunting or painful. Low impact doesn’t mean low results.

You may start with this balanced diet and workout plan!

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