You have 15 minutes to work out, so you decide to do a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. So don’t chose exercises that only touch small muscle groups drop the push ups and the curls. Do exercises that require multiple muscle groups and work the body on different levels.

Drop the basic stuff here have fun and be creative you can double up so many exercises. and play around with this stuff, BE CREATIVE.

So pick and chose from these proven and tested exercises.


Always remember FORM beats fatigue if your from fails stop, DO NOT risk the chance of injury to push yourself if you can not hold form.

Here’s a list of workout moves to get you started

1. Turkish Get ups

Try and count the amount of muslces working in this one exercise. Everything is practically being worked here, so put these in always.

2. Burpees

Full form push tuck stand and press again another multi muscle exercise that is a great pick or chose between this and the get ups. For more variations of burpees, click here.

3. Squat press

list of workout moves

You can’t beat a squat, then add in a weighted shoulder press.

4. Deadlift to bent row

Chose a bar you can row with. At the bottom of the deadlift you do a bent row. now you’re hitting more than just your legs and bum.

5. Walking lunges with med ball twists

Walking lunges easy, now add a medicine ball and hold your arms out straight as you lunge you twist.

6. Push up to reptile

Switch your push ups with this little twist. you do a regular push up and after your press bring one leg up to your elbow, dropping your hips as you come up and twist.

7. Jump squat or jump lunges

Regular squats or lunges take it to the next level and go plyometrics. gets the heart rate up and is amazing for the legs. For more versions of plyometrics click here

8. Wide leg jump squats with 2 hops back

I love this exercise, stand with a wide squat stance, drop into a squat and jump forwards and drop into a squat again and touch the floor. Now take 2 hops backwards. Great leg and full body, make the jump as big as you can and hop back.

Have fun with these be creative with your exercises, remember their is no such thing as a bad exercise just BAD FORM.

For other quick, high intensity workouts follow this link. Work hard, and push hard. results will happen.

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