Having a trusty list of bodyweight exercises in your repertoire is vital to enable you to get a good workout in wherever you are and whatever circumstances you’re in. Always practical and great results!

Getting to the gym isn’t always possible – holidays, family to look after, and work schedules mean that being able to workout at home is much more realistic for most people. Of course not everyone wants to buy, or has room for, lots of exercise equipment to keep at home.

This is why you need a list of bodyweight exercises


You can mix and match depending on what you want to do that day, can provide all you need in terms of getting in a full body workout that’s both effective and convenient.

Don’t be fooled into thinking bodyweight exercises are too easy. In fact one of their great benefits is how you can progress and regress exercises by changing reps, sets, position or lever length to make an exercise easier or harder depending on your strength and fitness levels.

It’s best to get a variety of exercises over the week for each body part, so that you get a full body workout and your muscles develop evenly with no imbalances or weak areas, which can lead to overcompensating with stronger muscles and are more likely to lead to overuse injuries.

Here’s a list of bodyweight exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

Upper Body Exercises

Your upper body – arms, back and shoulders are more visible than other body parts, especially during the warmer Summer months, so from an aesthetic point of view everyone likes to have a nice set of arms to show off when the woolly jumpers get removed.

But from a functional point of view having a strong upper body makes life a lot easier. Carrying shopping bags, lifting children and clearing heavy items from the attic are all much easier and safer if you have the muscles to support your joints and back.

Injuries caused by lifting things heavier than you can safely manage mean you could be off exercise for months while you recover, which is definitely a setback in the long run.

Doing upper body exercises, even without weights, will help give you the strength and stability to carry out heavy tasks without tiring out so fast, risking injury, or having to ask for help each time something needs moving!

Batmans – lie on your front with your legs straight out behind you and arms stretched out to the side (like batman flying!). Raise your upper body and arms from the hips, as well as your feet, and pulse, trying not to drop your arms or feet to the ground, and keeping your neck straight.

Tricep Dips – place your hands shoulder width apart on a step or bench behind you (or just on the floor), and put your legs straight out in front, facing up. Bend your elbows, pointing them backwards, to lower your body, then straighten the elbows to raise your body up. Repeat.

Walking Push Ups – Start with a regular push up, then move your hands a few inches to the left (to 11 o’clock position) while keeping your feet still, and do another push up. Move hands left further (10 o’clock) then press up again. Reverse inwards then repeat on the right.

list of bodyweight exercises_5Leg Exercises

The leg muscles are the largest in the body, meaning that when you use them, you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of calorie burning, muscle building and other benefits of exercise like improving insulin sensitivity (important in keeping blood sugar levels healthy and preventing Diabetes).

Having strong legs will help prevent injuries due to joint instability – not enough muscle to keep joints aligned properly when moving, especially under intense loads when exercising.

Gluteal muscles in particular play a big role in posture and back health, meaning you’re less likely to have back ache if you have a strong set of glutes!

Bulgarian Split Squats – Stand in front of a stable chair and place on foot on the chair behind you. Bend your standing leg, keeping your knee over your foot (move your standing food forward if necessary), and try and get your back knee as low to the ground as possible. Straighten your front leg to stand, repeat.

Reverse Lunges – Start feet hip width apart. Squeeze the glutes and step backwards with one leg into a lunge position, landing with the front knee positioned over the front foot and back knee close to the ground. Step forward to starting position.

Glute Bridges – Lie on your back with knees bent to 45 degrees and feet flat on the floor, hands by your side. Lift your hips high enough to create a straight line from your torso along the front thighs to your knees. Lower, and repeat.

For the conclusion of this article return tomorrow for List Of Bodyweight Exercises Part 2 and Polly will deliver a number of additional superb exercises for your repertoire.

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