Thanks to the strength of wonderfully feminine female athletes, such as World and Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill  there has been a slight rise in the interest of weight training in women in the UK.

Strong is the new sexy

There is a growing understanding that this will not make you look butch or manly, far from it, it can actually accentuate your femininity.


And importantly, it will deliver wonderfully beneficial physical and mental results.

Olympic and power lifting is a great sport for women as it trains good technique, form, strength and conditioning all at the same time.

For many years this has been a more male dominated sport and traditionally ladies are fearful of adding too much muscle bulk with weights. But with better information and understanding, things are changing…

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Boost your self confidence

I would suggest weight training and power lifting to gain self confidence. It is absolutely ideal for those who wish to empower themselves.

Most power lifting exercises use all the muscle groups in conjunction and help to also boost the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms whilst increasing skeletal strength – key to preventing the onset of osteoporosis. This is a hugely debilitating affliction which is particularly prevalent in women.

Keep the figure, lose the fat

If you want to get in shape fast, keep a muscular slim appearance, reduce body fat and sculpt a lean physique with a strong mid section. This is an ideal goal and if it is what you are aiming for, then weight training and power lifting for women is absolutely ideal.

lifting for women_38 Benefits For Ladies Who Lift

– More effective fat loss
– More muscle mad calorie expenditure
– Improves quality of sleep
– Curves in all the right places
– Improved risk of preventing heart disease
– Stress relief
– Better bone health: prevention of osteoporosis
– Increased energy levels

lifting for women_4Power lifting training for women – Beginners!

And don’t worry about being a novice. Everybody has to start somewhere! Start with simple principles and the basics. Understand the level you are at. Work with what you can lift and ensure proper consistent technique at all times.

Then progress – lift heavier weight – get stronger. Simple!

As you progress you can start adding weights or repetitions to the working sets you do each workout.

There is no magical number of sets and repetitions, just follow general guidelines on this and train as hard as possible, pushing yourself to the limit on each training session – but never over and above your capabilities where form collapses and body isn’t far behind.

Work towards YOUR goals

Keeping a strong mind and body and a positive mental attitude will send you well on your way to achieving your personal training aims and goals.

There is no best weight lifting routine for women, it is advised to train according to personal performance goals based on your chosen sport or lifestyle. Whether it be bodybuilding, athletics, team sports, general health and fitness or to lose body fat .

There is plenty of information out there – including here at WatchFit – and so many variations and possibilities. The best way is to train for you – at your level. And progress gradually and meaningfully.

The gains will be quickly evident and provide you with all the momentum and inspiration you need.

Eat real clean foods and get real results!

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