In Part 1 multiple fitness champion and leading expert Joey Bull started to show how we can overcome any dissatisfaction we might have with our legs to create pins to be proud of through great leg toning workouts.


Here she continues to show how we can make improvements whatever our genetic make-up.

The backs of the thighs

Some legs look great from the front but then less interesting from the side. Nicely formed hamstrings set apart the fit from the untrained and best of all, they are the finishing touches to a great backside.

Working the hamstrings makes the ‘tie in’ with the gluteals tidier and therefore saving a heavy (or floppy) looking bottom! If genetically your backside is bigger than you’d like, put a little bit more size, shape or tone in the hamstrings. Lying curls work well for this.

Top heavy legs

Many ladies feel their upper leg looks out of proportion but don’t know why.

Many cases can be balanced by taking the calf into consideration too. A delicate, skinny or slightly undersized calf is always going to exaggerate a thigh’s volume so take a look at your lower leg. How does the inner and outer calf look? Are they balanced? Are you lacking a little bit of size either side and if so, how does that affect the balance of your thighs?

leg toning workouts_1

A fraction more outer calf might make the outer thigh see trimmer. Whereas a little more inner calf may remove a ‘heavy’ or ‘thick knee’ look. Calves can be slow to change but they do eventually! Try calf raises with different angles – turned out toe and more weight on the big toe for more inner shape and the opposite for outer calf shape.

The finishing touch

There’s something about the very top of the outside of the backside (the tensor fasciae latae and gluteus medius) that tidies the whole look up. This is the mound that, if you were to tense your bum and sit on one hip, it would poke out. Some shape here makes the whole sweep of the outer thigh longer therefore continuing a nice soft line from knee to the waist, this is best shown off in a bikini so get working!

To hit this area specifically you need to do abductions (side movements and raises). Again this is best with a band or pulley but don’t be surprised at the lack of strength that is there and how quickly the exercise hurts!

A trick is to slightly turn in the foot do subtly changing the angle of where it is working higher up the leg. Go slow and light here, we don’t want too much volume, just a touch.


I promise you really can make a significant difference to your leg shape if you so desire. So decide what you want to to achieve and get to work. I hope both parts of this guide help. And next tme you hear those bearded Texans singing “She’s got legs and she knows how to use them”, you might just think, ‘Yes I do!’ 

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