I’ve often been told by clients that legs are their least favorite body part to train.  I’ve had clients cancel sessions because they knew it was leg day!  I think there are several reasons for this.  First of all, legs are comprised of large muscles and we all know that training large muscle groups can be challenging and exhausting!

That leads me to the second reason that most people do not like training legs…fear of the pain.  I believe that because training legs is so exhausting, the only way to get motivated to train them is to find a fun and challenging workout that will prevent the temptation to put leg day off or skip it altogether.

Truly understanding why leg training is so crucial may help to put things in perspective!

I can assure you that skipping leg day is not the smartest thing to do.  There are multiple reasons why leg training is very important when developing a well-rounded fitness plan.

First and foremost, because the two most common fitness goals are to get stronger and to lose weight, workouts focused around your legs will allow you to use more weight when training.

More weight equals more strength and it also equals more calories being used which spikes up your metabolism.  This is crucial in achieving weight loss and/or maintaining a lean and strong physique.

Consistent leg training also helps to increase and maintain bone density which can help decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis.  When seeking a balanced physique it is imperative that you train legs.

If you only train your upper body, you will not achieve a symmetrical physique and you will also put yourself at risk of injury.  Lastly, leg training strengthens your core and through regular leg workouts you will improve your ability to push and lift thereby increasing your flexibility.

Below, I have put together a leg workout that will challenge you and one that you will enjoy!

This leg day workout will keep you moving, will keep your heart rate up, and will definitely challenge you

What’s not to enjoy?

Before beginning I would recommend putting together a fun playlist of music that will help you stay pumped and motivated.  A light warm-up (walking/light jogging) would be a good idea too.  Lastly, I would also recommend keeping water and a towel handy because you will definitely need both!

A leg day workout you will enjoy2

I know the anticipation is building so here is:

20 walking lunges
10 squat jumps
20 curtsy lunges
10 jumping lunges

**rest 60 seconds**

30 walking lunges
20 squat jumps
30 curtsy lunges
20 jumping lunges

**rest 60 seconds**

40 walking lunges
30 squat jumps
40 curtsy lunges
30 jumping lunges

**rest 60 seconds**

50 walking lunges
40 squat jumps
50 curtsy lunges
40 jumping lunges

There you go…a leg day workout you will enjoy!  This workout will keep you engaged and will provide a challenge every time.  If you need or want more of a challenge, you can add light weights to each exercise.  By adding weights, you will increase the intensity and the amount of calories you burn.  Enjoy!

Lead image by Amber Karnes, internal image by Edson Hong.

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