Kim Kardashian. When I say this name to you… what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Reality TV star? Kanye West? Opulence? Flowing dark hair? “Those” photos?


Kim’s figure is a typical hourglass shape or X shape. Technically put, two opposing triangles. This means that her hips and bust are almost if not the same size and she has a very narrow waist.

This is the type of body that a lot of females would like. Feminine and curvy.

What are Kim’s stats?

Kim Kardashian is 5ft2in and around 143lbs, and apparently sports a 38in bust, 26in waist and 42in hips.

Kim says that she “has to work very hard to maintain her figure.” This is mainly because her image is all about her shape, and not what the scales say…

Keeping that rounded full butt is the main focus in her workouts.

How does she do this?

By isolating her glutes and not allowing her quads and hamstrings to dominate. Squats, lunges, bounding work and isolation of this area all contribute to her shape.

Kim has a strict regime of splitting her session up into morning and afternoon workouts six days a week with one full day of rest.

First session

Morning is all about the cardio, alternating each session from HIIT (high intensity interval training) and steady pace cardio.

Mixing high pace and steady cardio is excellent for optimal fat burning.

During her HIIT sessions Kim would aim to be working as hard as possible for the working time of her set, and keeping her rest time a minimal as possible.

By training in this way she is able keep her metabolic rate higher for longer so she is burning more calories throughout the day.

kim kardashian exercise_2The following day will be a steady pace cardio session for her. This allows her body to recover whilst still training, as HIIT sessions all the time will lead to over training and therefore be counter productive (too much of one thing is not always best.)

Wanting an hourglass figure shouldn’t mean that we neglect the upper body though.

The aim is to create an X shape, like two triangles one on top of each other pointing inwards.

So by having good arms and shoulder definition along with a full and rounded butt you will emphasize a smaller waist, thus creating the Famous hourglass figure.

Second session

Kim’s second session of the day is primarily resistance training with weights.

Firstly, working with weight will NOT make you big and bulky at all. Ladies, you’re just not built that way.

However what they will give you is the ability to sculpt and shape, tone and strengthen your body. By training with weights you will also be upping your natural metabolism in your body. This is because your body uses more energy (calories) to sustain lean muscle mass, therefore the more lean muscle that you can build the more calories you will be burning while at rest.

Now you may be asking “How do I put together such a program?”

Well you’re in luck!

Plan for Kardashian curves

Because we know how hard Kim works to sculpt her body we have put together a 7 day plan just for you which you can download.

Just search for the 7 day plan ‘Quick Curves’ on the WatchFit website or app. 

Just like Kim you will be doing some morning cardio which will either be HIIT training or steady pace. In the HIIT session will be working as hard as possible for 20-30 seconds followed by a rest period of 10-20 seconds.

For the pm weight session this is all about resistance training. Most of the sessions are circuit style as we need to keep the intensity high.

Once a week we will dedicate a session to the glutes area with a more conventional weight training regime with sets and reps, working on good muscle contraction with heavier than normal weights to help build your butt.

The programme is not for the fainthearted, it is full on and intense but it really delivers! Of course your body won’t change overnight so repeat the program to see the best results.

Good Luck!

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