Kim Kardashian has the fame, successful, celebrity husband, new adorable baby girl and of course, the curves! If you are a celebrity watcher, you will surely know that a year ago she was carrying an extra 50 pounds of baby weight.  And naturally, that is to be expected, but when you are in the camera eye as much as Kim is, you are surely going to be more than ready to shed that fat and shed it fast! According to many tabloid sources, she was even more eager to drop the weight since her wedding was to come a few months after the birth of the baby as well.

Since she had previously been on the Atkins diet, as sources from and Women’s Health Magazine revealed, this was her diet of choice again.  Her typical days worth of food consisted of egg white omelets with cheese and spinach, grilled salmon with asparagus, chicken with broccoli, salads of leafy greens and she snacked on nuts, berries and Greek yogurt.  She avoided starchy carbohydrates and apparently during the few months after her baby was born, she would also allow a binge day.

Is the Atkins diet something to be considered? As a Registered Dietitian, I advise to avoid the diet gimmicks and rather choose a healthy lifestyle.  Use Kim Kardashian’s food choices, yes, but add in some steel cut oats with the eggs, brown rice with the salmon and a small sweet potato with the chicken.  On a side note about her binge day: if you must have a binge anything, choose a meal out with friends or ice cream with the kids, instead of a whole day of sabotage.


bikini body

Kim is just as dedicated with her workouts, too.  She attends Barry’s Bootcamp, which claims to burn 1,000 calories in an hour through strength training and cardio and she heads to Pilates Plus where her workouts are focused on the butt and thighs.  In addition to these classes she also hikes with the baby in the stroller and as a mother of two, I can thoroughly attest to a great workout behind a stroller.

What types of moves can you do to get Kim Kardashian’s curves? Read on as I reveal your bikini workout.


Grab a challenging set of dumbbells (weighted is the trick here!), and hold firmly at your sides.  Perform one leg at a time by stepping forward into a lunge, bring feet back together and then with the same working leg, step back into a lunge and return to start, feet together.  Repeat 12 times; switch legs.

Caution: do not allow your knee to pass your toes as you move through your lunges.  

Plie Squats

Take hold of both dumbbells again, or a single one that is the same weight as the two used for your lunges.  Hold weights near the center of your body, legs wide.  As you decend down into the squat, allow the weight to drop in between your legs.  Pressing through your heels, toes relaxed, return to standing position, all while keeping your butt muscles and abdominals tight  (squeezing at all times is the bikini body trick here!).

Caution: do not allow your knees to pass your toes as you move through your squat.

Hamstring curls with stability ball

Lying face up with calves on top of ball, legs straight and arms at your side, squeeze your butt and raise your hips up until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees.  Your feet will be flat on the ball, knees bent at a right degree angle, abdominals and butt muscles tight (keeping tight is once again the bikini body trick!).  Release by straightening your legs, ending the rep with your calves on the ball once again.


Lie face down on a mat, legs and arms apart, allowing your body to make an “X.”  Simultaneously raise your arms and legs up towards the ceiling and hold for a slow count of 30, (tight butt!) release and then repeat.

All of these exercises should be performed after a 10 minute warm up.  Perform 12-15 repetitions of each exercise for a complete set, gradually working yourself up to 3 complete sets.  Properly cool down upon finishing by gently stretching.  Do this workout 3 times a week, drink plenty of water and eat clean (nix the Atkins!).  You are on your way to a Kim Kardashian bikini body!


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