So what is a ‘Killer Workout Routine’?

In this case, it is a workout that will cause you to dig into every resource of energy you have. So if you are looking for weight loss, muscle toning, a flatter stomach, or just to be able walk a flight of stairs without getting out of breath – you can have one or all of the above and more with a killer workout routine.


There are many types of workout routines, however in my experience one of the most tried and tested methods of pushing you to those breathtaking limits is ‘circuit training’.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a form of conditioning or resistance training using high intensity aerobics with very short rest intervals. Developed in the 1950’s, an effective circuit will include exercises for upper body, lower body and total body. Once each prescribed exercise in the circuit is completed this counts as an exercise ‘circuit’.

What does Circuit Training do?

When performed correctly, studies have shown that circuit training enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. With the body working in its aerobic capacity, an elevated heart rate is challenged by a select exercise which makes the body more efficient in metabolising glucose and fat stores.  These are converted to energy for increased fat burning, which in turn has been proven to improve performance, fitness, metabolism and the body’s physical appearance.

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Types of exercises used in Circuit Training

A basic circuit will use predominantly body weighted exercises. However depending on ability or availability, exercises can be equipment based. The use of dumbbells and barbells are the most common pieces of equipment used due to their versatility. There are hundreds of exercises that can be used; however here are some of the basic types.

Upper body

Push ups
Bench dips
Bicep curls (dumbbells or barbell)

Lower Body

Step ups (Step/ Platform)


Abdominal crunch
Torso rotations

Total body

Star Jumps
Skipping (Skipping rope)

A  Killer Workout Routine to try

From beginner to elite, I have successfully used many variations of my own circuits to meet my client’s goals. Targeting as mentioned above – upper, lower and total body, it really does what it says in the title.

My clients have reported improvements in their fitness capabilities, mobility, physical appearance and even their confidence. Remember if you’re new to exercise, always seek medical advice before undertaking strenuous exercise. Also make sure that you are suitably hydrated.

Try this, it’s just one of my many routines. This little number will leave you with breathtaking results!

Jumping jacks
Push ups
Abdominal crunch
Lunge and bicep curl
Alternate leg V sit up
Tricep dips
Split Jumps (spotted dog)
Mountain climbers
Phantom chair

Perform each exercise for 1 min then rest for 30 seconds before moving to the next one.

This will stimulate your whole body in less than 20 mins for one circuit.

For those of you who are advanced try performing each exercise for 2 mins with 30 seconds rest.

This routine can be performed at home, outdoors or a gym. It can also be performed multiple occasions weekly depending on your fitness level and any time of day.


Although there are many key components to achieve total health and well-being, adding this killer workout to your routine will definitely improve your fitness and health goals. Some studies have shown that circuit style training helps women in particular achieve and maintain their fitness goals than other forms of exercise.

It has stood the test of time and is still used today. For me it’s the total body workout that hits all muscle groups and gets the heart pumping.

So strip away fat, build muscle and be a better, fitter version of yourself. Feel free to comment, like or share. Love Yourself!!

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