The ultimate body weight six pack

Summer fast approaching and the time is right to start on those sexy abs. This simple was to also improve posture tone tightened and get the beach body you wanted in a few minutes a day workout.

Abs can be done morning or before bed so no excuses here and with no weights any one can implement.


The abdominals run from the front of the body to the lower back and into the hip and rib areas… We can see why core work can include many exercises including gluteal and legs. Incorporating some legs into this protocol will also help keep your toned look longer…

The following can be done with or without the leg part… Enjoy

For those who are weekend worrier type you can do this a.m and p.m 3 day split program that can be done back to back.

Day One

High Knees
Mountain Climbers

killer ab workout at home_2
Russian Twists with med ball or without

Day Two

Side Plank Thrusters
Pikes With ball or without
Squat Jumps
Heels to Heaven

Day Three

Dragon Flags with a twist or straight
Ab Bike

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