The following kickboxing workout is designed for beginners to intermediate exercisers looking to increase their fitness and add variety to their workout by incorporating kickboxing circuit workout to work on cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.

Kickboxing is a great combination workout that incorporates both endurance and strength in the entire body; working legs, back, chest, shoulders, core, arms, and hips.

Changing the speed of the exercise can help focus more specifically on cardiovascular gains, while increasing intensity by hitting mitts or a heavy bag can increase the strength gains of the exercises. Remember: No Pain, No Gain!


Duration: approximately 30 minutes

Intensity: Moderate – High

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Equipment optional: jump rope, hand wraps, mitts, heavy bag


Kickboxing Workout Routine:

Warm-up: 3 minute jog

30 seconds – Right arm Jabs
30 seconds – Left arm Jabs
30 second “Boxer Jog”

  30 second Rest

10 reps Right Leg Front Kicks
10 reps Left Leg Front Kicks
30 seconds Jump Rope

  30 second Rest

30 seconds Right Arm Hook
30 seconds Left Arm Hook
30 seconds “Boxer Jog”

  30 second Rest

10 reps Right Roundhouse Kick
10 Reps Left Roundhouse Kick
30 seconds Jump Rope

  30 second Rest

30 seconds Right Upper Cut
30 seconds Left Upper Cut
30 seconds “Boxer Jog”

  30 second Rest

10 Right Jab + Left Front Kick Combos
10 Left Jab + Right Front Kick Combos
10 Left Jab + Right Hook + Left Upper Cut Combos
10 Right Jab + Left Hook + Right Upper Cut Combos
10 Right Jab + Left Jab + Left Roundhouse Combo
10 Left Jab + Right Jab + Right Roundhouse Combos
30 seconds rapid fire alternating jabs

Cool down: standing quadriceps stretch, overhead triceps stretch, cross-body shoulder stretch, downward dog pose, cobra pose, seated toe touches, pretzel stretch. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds, relax 10 seconds and repeat.

No pain no gain kickboxing workout routine-02

Tips: To increase intensity of kickboxing workout, decrease rest periods between sets and/or increase jump rope or boxer jog duration to 1 minute each. All exercises can also be done for a set amount of time, for a 10 rep exercise the time should be approximately 30 – 45 seconds per exercise.

Be sure to warm up and cool down properly to prevent injury, and always stay properly hydrated during your workouts.

This workout can be done with a partner, alternating as the target and attacker between each set. Adding a partner will double the workout time.

This workout is intended for beginning kickboxers and is not meant to be an advanced workout. Without a certified instructor, form and safety cannot be monitored and therefore this workout is not able to teach proper kickboxing technique, but simply provide a circuit workout for the average exerciser.

Complete this kickboxing workout one or two times per week in addition to traditional strength and cardiovascular training. This workout is intended for healthy individuals 18 years and older. Be sure to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

This workout is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.

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