No gym? No kit, No problem! Stay in shape with just your body… Our ‘Fit to Go’ circuit can be performed anytime, any place anywhere – from a hotel room to your garden. It will develop functional strength and tone your body.

The workout

Warm up

– March on the spot for 3min
– Stand tall, inhale and reach arms overhead, exhale and squat down swinging your arms down and back in a ski-jump style. Repeat for 1 min.
– Circle shoulders back 10 times and then big arm circles back 20 times.
– Stand tall on tip-toe and then lower alternate heels to warm up the calf muscles.

For strength and condition

Perform slow controlled reps, focusing on technique. Build up to three sets of 10 – 12 reps.

For a CV circuit

Perform faster reps, 30/45 or 60sec per exercise with no rest in between. Add 1min of skipping between exercises 3, 5 and 7 (if you don’t have a rope, perform high-knee jogs or simulate a skipping action). Do the entire circuit once or twice, if time and fitness allows.

1. Squat (strengthens front and back of thigh plus glutes)

– Stand with feet hip to shoulder-width apart, arms by your sides.
– Inhale to bend your knees to a right angle, bringing your hips towards the floor and extend your arms out to shoulder height.
– Exhale and drive through the hips to push back up to standing position.

Training tips

Keep knees in line with second toes, don’t let knee not roll in. Keep abdominals drawn in throughout, and be careful not to arch your back. To progress add resistance by holding dumbbells by your sides or a barbell across your shoulders.

circuit workout_2

2. Cat press (strengthnes triceps, upper back and shoulder girdle)

– Start on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.
– Inhale and bend your elbows, keeping them tight by your sides to target your triceps and lower your chest between your hands.
– Exhale and press back to the start position.

Training tips

Ensure that your chest and not your head comes down between your hands. Keep abdominals gently drawn inwards throughout.

3. Lunge (sculpts and strengthens glutes and thighs)

– Stand with feet hip-width apart, shoulders back and down
– Exhale and take a large step forward bending both knees to an approximate right angle
– Push back to start position with control
– Perform all reps on one leg and then change legs

Training tips

At the end of the lunge position, ensure your front knee does not go beyond the front foot’s toes. Keep shoulders back and down and abdominals gently engaged throughout.

circuit workout_3

4. Pilates “100” (flattens abdominals, strengthens core and hip flexors)

– Lie on your back, contract your abs and bring both knees up to a right angle.
– Exhale and lift head, shoulders and arms off the floor, palms facing down.
– Straighten your legs, and begin to beat your arms as if pressing down on hard springs.
– Inhale for 5 arm beats and exhale for 5 arm beats, building up to 100.
– Keep abdominals contracted throughout, and don’t let your back arch.
– (those new to exercise should keep knees bent, and advanced trainers can lower straightened legs towards floor).

Training tips

Keep your shoulders away from your ears and look through your knees keeping your chin slightly tucked under. Your spine should remain in neutral – neither flattened nor arched. Aim to keep your stomach flat and breathe into the rib cage.

5. Plie squat (lifts your bottom and tightens thighs)

– Stand with your feet wide and toes pointing outwards.
– Inhale as you lower your body, opening your knees wide whilst keeping your knees above and in line with your ankles.
– Exhale and squeeze your bottom to push back up.
– Keep your bottom connected throughout and keep your body upright.

Training tips

Keep your tailbone ‘tucked under’ and your abdominals gently drawn in throughout. Ensure that your knees do not roll inwards as you squat.

6. Dolphin (strengthens and tones arms, shoulders, back and core)

– Assume a position on knees and elbows.
– Ensure elbows are shoulder-width apart by wrapping your fingers around the opposite elbow before clasping hands together in front of you.
– Raise your hips towards the ceiling so your body forms an inverted ‘V’.
– Inhale to rock your body forwards, so that your chin comes over and in front of your hands.
– Exhale to push back to starting ‘V’ position and repeat.

Training tips

Keep your abdominals drawn in throughout and your shoulder blades down away from your ears. Complete beginners should start on knees and build up to toes. Be sure your elbows are shoulderwidth apart. Avoid if you have neck or shoulder problems.

circuit workout_4

7. Lunge twist (targets legs, core and challenges balance)

– Start standing tall with feet hip-width apart.
– Take a large step forward and simultaneously bend both knees to an approximate right angle.
– In the lunge position twist your shoulders and upper body to the side of your front foot.
– Return to centre and step feet back together.
– Alternate sides.

Training tips

Try to keep your spine in neutral throughout. In the forward position, ensure the front knee does not go beyond the front toes. Keep shoulders back and down and abdominals gently engaged throughout. Avoid rotation if you have any disc issues.

8. Criss-Cross (great for the waist and hip flexors and tones entire core area)

– Lie on your back and bring your knees up above your hips bent to a right angle.
– Place fingers behind ears, keep elbows wide and lift head from floor.
– Exhale and peel left shoulder across towards right hip as you extend the left leg out as low as you can. Keep stomach flat and spine in neutral.
– Inhale back to centre and exhale in opposite direction.
– Repeat one set of slow repetitions, followed by a set of fast, but controlled repetitions.

Training tips

Try to keep your stomach flat throughout and move in a controlled way – don’t let your hips rock as you move. Imagine you are folding your shoulder towards the opposite hip.

9. Frog legs (strengthens hip rotators and “lifts” your bottom)

– Lie on your right side, head on outstretched arm and both knees bent.
– Exhale to open left knee like a clam shell and then lift both feet from the floor.
– Inhale to close and repeat.

Training tips

Keep your waist lifted from the floor and your spine in a neutral position throughout. Try not to let your hips rock back as you lift your legs.

10. Side bend (great for core strength, wors the obliques and shoulders)

– Sit on one hip with your knees bent and top leg opened, foot flat on the floor slightly in front of your sitting bones. Your bottom leg rests on the floor with the foot just behind your top foot. Your body is supported on your arm – hand in line with the hip and a little away from your body. Rest your top hand on your top knee.
– Inhale to prepare and lengthen the supporting arm, drawing the torso away from the floor and the shoulder away from the ear.
– Exhale to lift the pelvis upwards (imagine your hips are being lifted in a sling) squeezing inner thighs together and reaching top arm overhead.
– Inhale to bend the knees and return hip back to the floor and hand back to the knee.
– Repeat x 3-5 on each side.
– To increase intensity hold a toning ball in the top hand.

Training tips

Keep the hips stacked throughout – one hip on top of the other. Imagine a sheet of glass is in front of your hips and keep both hip bones touching the glass. Keep your abdominals engaged and remain lifted in the ribs and waist and supporting shoulder.

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