In Part 1 yesterday Expert Ryan MIlton introduced us the the history and evolution of kettlebells as well as breaking down and instructing the perfect Turkish Get Up. Here he guides us through several other superb kettlebell exercises.

The Swing

If you were to look for a movement to improve your posture, build your strength, train your endurance, improve flexibility and overall wellbeing – the simplest and most effective answer would be the kettlebell swing.


The swing is a hinge movement pattern. This is a similar pattern to that of a deadlift or other ‘pick stuff up of the floor properly’ movement. The main difference between a deadlift and a swing is that the load or kettebell in this case is moving through space.

There are points of this exercise the load will be weightless and others where you are using your entire anatomy to control the momentum of the movement. This coupled with the Turkish Get Up will produce great physical changes.

Assuming you already know how to deadlift properly, you can begin training the swing.

The Dead Stop Swing

Step one:

Set up like for the deadlift with your feet shoulder width apart, toes turned slightly out, back flat, hips hinging back.

Step two:

Place the kettlebell just in front of you about the length of one of your feet away.

Step Three:

Once you have lowered yourself to the bell, positioning the hips down and back, grab hold of the kettlebell and again take the slack out of your body.

Step four:

Now simply hike the bell back hard make sure to keep the alignment of the body and not break form as the weight of the bell pulls you back.

Step five:

Explosively pop your hips forward by squeezing your glutes to swing the weight.

Step six:

Control the swing to about shoulder level and then control it back to the start position.

Perform 10 single reps, each starting from the floor. Once you have mastered the dead stop swing, you are ready to perform the continuous swing. The only change will be that you don’t stop after each rep. You simply continue to hinge and swing for all 10 reps.

If you can do this successfully, perform 5-10 sets of 10 continuous repetitions.

The combination of the Turkish Get up and the Swing cannot be underestimated

Perform these movements each day first starting with the Shoe Get ups and Dead stop swings until you have mastered them. Once you are proficient in these patterns load the get up and begin the continuous swing. Your goal is to work up to using substantial load on each movement.

The maximum number of repetition’s needed for the get up is 5 single reps per side, per day. The maximum number of swings is 100 total or in other words 10 sets of 10 repetitions. It is important to keep the swing number at 10. The goal is always to train with as perfect form as possible. Any reps higher than 10 will more than likely produce poor movement pattern and loss of explosive hip drive.

kettlebell workout routines_4The Goblet Squat

Goblet squats are one of the greatest ways to practice squatting. Simple and effective, this exercises forces you into a natural and effective squatting pattern.

• Hold on to a kettlebell by the horns infront of the body at about chest level.

• Feet should be just outside shoulder width toes turned slightly out

• Begin by sitting your hips back as if sitting into a chair.

• Squat as low as you comfortably can and track your elbows inside your knees.

• Pause at the bottom and then stand explosively to return to a standing position.

The training session

To be practiced daily.

Turkish Get Up – 1 rep for 5 sets on each side

The Swing – 10 reps for 5-10 sets.

The Goblet Squat 5 sets of 5 reps

Train these 3 movements every single day and very quickly you will see positive changes in your strength and physical appearance.

Enjoy the movement.

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