Two of the UK’s outstanding trainers have developed an exercise programme based around one of the most popular weight training products and the results have been exceptional.

Guy Noble, a former national Karate champion, teamed up with Adrian Burton who is responsible for first bringing kettlebells to national TV with his Fat Families show back in 2004. Since then their Kettlercise™ programmes have taken kettlebell training to a new level.

Shaking up the fitness industry

Kettlebells have struck a chord throughout the fitness industry in recent years from group exercise, individual workouts in the gym and at home and sport specific training.

Both Guy and Adrian were keen to harness all that is best about training with kettlebells and advance the exercise principles and standards of instruction.

They founded Kettlebell Seminars to train instructors to provide exercisers with a truly effective way of changing their body shape, shedding fat, increasing strength and mobility.

The evidence of their methods could not be more stark

Using only their training principles, there are numerous testimonies from men and women who have lost two or three stone and more.

The most striking case study is that of Nikki Slater who approached them for guidance and support. At the time Nikki weighed in at over 18 stone (115kg) and was shopping for size 26 wardrobe items.

kettlercise_2She applied all the instruction perfectly and, using her newly adopted kettlebell training programme, managed to shift an incredible 8 stone (112lbs/51kg) in only 12 months!

A truly life altering transformation.

Guy, who has trained over 1000 personal trainers, fitness professionals and gym instructors in kettlebell exercise, spent a decade developing what he believes is the ultimate body transforming kettlebell training programme.

Guy commented, “After years of study and application by both Adrian and myself we have been able to cut away the unnecessary, enhance the effective and ensure people achieve the best results in optimum time. There is absolutely no point over exerting and committing unnecessary time to no great effect.

Breaking away from the negative connotations

“Over the years kettlebells have been seen as a bit hardcore, ungainly and unaesthetic so we have had to work hard to destroy these impressions. It was frustrating, we knew how good these training tools were and the results they could deliver, yet many people still saw them as intimidating and gave them a wide berth.

“Language like ‘Brutal but effective’ was being used and this is precisely the kind of thing that just wouldn’t reach so many people.

“I wanted to get away from that and from some outrageous methods I’d encountered.”

“It was important to give kettlebells the broad appeal and application they deserve and show it doesn’t have to be all about brute power and strength and is equally applicable to lasting weight loss and fat stripping.”

Adrian added, “The equation is simple; it is about maximising results from the most efficient time input. And our work with men and women in recent years, who have been of different body types and fitness levels, has shown that, used correctly, kettlebells can have an outstanding impact on people’s shape and fitness”.

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