Hey fitness world this is Jason Spencer back with you ready to get into another great training topic – Kettlebell swings for fat loss!

This is one of my favorite ways to train for good high calorie burning cardio, which is working with the kettlebell.

Kettlebell training is extremely unique and very efficient mainly because standing in one spot it allows us to be able to repetitively use resistance in a way that creates pace, explosive effort, and high energy usage to go with the strength and toning work that resistance training typically only allows.


It literally does enable you to train for strength, muscle tone, core strength, and burn fat all together, which very few training methods can accomplish.

Now because of the multifaceted nature of kettlebells and the different paces and intensities you can create with them you can either use them for short quick powerful sessions for high fat burning, or since this is a very tough way to train you can blend less intense kettlebell methods and sequences with other exercises to create a longer duration session that uses the kettlebells to switch up and manipulate the paces at different points.

They are very versatile and you can use them in a variety of fun different ways to put a little punch into your training and get that great high heart rate you need and blast that fat! Here’s 3 great ways to do it!

1. Descending pyramid KB swings

This workout uses pretty much just the kettlebell and consists of many sets of swings with specifically timed rest intervals between each.

The intensity is created either through using heavy kettlebells and keeping the sets short by counting and limiting to certain reps, or by using moderate weight kettlebells and making the sets longer by timing them according to what would be challenging in that aspect…

In either method you want to make the first set the biggest and toughest and steadily decrease the length of each successive set with only as much rest time between each as is needed to perform another set. Not to recover your breath completely.

2. Infused High Intensity Swing Intervals

This type of kettlebell workout involves explosively using the kettlebell periodically within a workout of other exercises that is overall more moderately paced.

This is like doing a 30 minute steady state jog with high effort sprints every 2 or 3 minutes. Using the kettlebells in this way definitely allows you to work longer in total while still making the KB work intense because the KB intervals are just a periodic part of a bigger workout.

They are not THE workout as in the Descending Pyramind workout.

3. Steady State Swings with mixed strength

This one is the same concept as the high intensity swing interval workout, only reversed.

Here the kettlebell work is used as the general format and moderate pace of the workout with other various non KB exercises sprinkled in at specific times for higher effort intervals.

For example doing 30 minutes of 2 minute swings followed by a high resistance bench press set. Then 2 minutes of swings followed by a set of situps. Or dumbell rows…

Basically 10 rounds of this working whatever muscle groups you want along with the base of the swing rounds.

Helpful Tips


– You can use the more intense weights seen in the KB pyramid workout for the Interval workout to increase the punch you get from it.

– You can also use this same concept in the steady state swings workout by using explosive versions of the strength exercises you mix in following the moderate swing rounds.

– In general, high intensity moderate to heavy KB weights should be right around 25 to 35 lbs and light weight should be 12 to 20 lbs but no less.

– Appropriate rest intervals for the pyramid workout can be as low as just 30 seconds if it allows for you to still complete the next sets, but if you need longer rest try not to rest longer than 60 seconds especially between the middle and shorter sets. Also, never allow yourself to completely recover your breath before doing the next set.

This should get you started with some direction if you are new to Kettlebell work or just give you some great creative ways to use them in general no matter who you are!

Kettlebells are very challenging and can really be an advantage for your fat loss goals and overall power and stamina, so as i always say…

Work hard, challenge yourself, and enjoy the process of seeing what you got! Be sure to comment and let me know thoughts and experiences with this topic.

I look forward to working with you and train well!


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