The kettlebell is by far one of my favorite tools for massive caloric destruction. What makes this little cannonball with a handle so amazing is how it adds intensity and efficiency to your workouts. For example, I can feel like I’ve just run a marathon in 20 minutes with a kettlebell.

The reason why the kettlebell is so amazing is because most of the exercises that should be done with a kettlebell are Big Bang multi-joint movements. Which simply means the more muscles used, the more calories that are burned. Numerous articles have been written in scientific journals about how amazing kettlebells are in the battle of the bulge and how they create a massive metabolic jolt.

My five favorite kettlebell exercises to achieve maximal results are goblet squats, swings, cleans, push press and snatches


Goblet squats

Grab the kettlebell by its horns with your elbows aiming for the inside of your thighs. Assume a shoulder width stance with your feet slightly turned out. Sink your hips back as if you’re sitting into a chair and when you feel that your hip crease is below your knees drive your heels hard into the floor to get back to your starting position.

Make sure you don’t round your back. Not everybody will have the mobility to sink to a decent depth due to certain movement restrictions/limitations. Keep practicing and you’ll progressively be able to sink deeper.


It’s a very technical exercise. You’ll want to setup as if you’re going to hike a football between your legs. Start with your weight in your heels like a deadlift. Hike the kettlebell between your legs and fire your glutes and hamstrings. Keep your shoulders down and let your arms just guide the kettlebell up to shoulder level.

When you extend your hips at the end of the swing the kb should feel weightless and you should be bracing your abs and glutes like you would in a plank. You should always think, less knees and more hips. It’s all about the hip hinge on this monster. The biggest mistake made with the swing is people get too “squatty” and do a front raise with it. Make sure you keep a neutral spine.

kettlebell exercises2


Start off very similar to the swing, except that you’re going to park the kettlebell in the rack position at the top. Most beginners get pretty beat up with this one in the beginning so find a highly qualified instructor to coach you through it.

Push Press

Start with the kettlebell in the rack position and with a slight dip in your hips explosively press the kettlebell overhead. Probably the simplest of the movements. Just make sure your elbows aren’t flaring out to the sides.


I saved the best for last, the kettlebell snatch. Another very technical movement that recruits every major joint in your body. A brief description won’t do this one justice. It’s very similar to the swing. Instead of stopping the kettlebell at your shoulder, you’ll finish this movement by punching your hand through the handle with your arm locked out and your shoulder packed.

Again, I can’t reiterate this enough when it comes to kettlebells I highly recommend you find a highly qualified instructor. Becoming efficient with kettlebells is more like practice than working out because of the technicality of the exercises. Yet another reason why I love them so much. It makes the workout go by so much faster when you have to think about perfect form with every rep. Happy Swings!

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