I was recently lucky enough to co-author the book Burn Fat Fast with international nutrition guru Patrick Holford. I devised some eight minute cardio and strength workouts that I have used to great effect with clients and on myself. And now the winter months are well and truly looming in the northern hemisphere, now seems like a good time to look at exercises you can do at home, quickly and without the need for equipment.

Here is the intermediate workout:

Intermediate workout


Squat shoulder press

This targets the quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, lower back and shoulders.

Place feet shoulder width apart, holding dumbbells at shoulders, squat down keeping back straight, stand up straight and drive dumbbells up to full arm extension.

2 x sets of 60 seconds.


Box press with alternate leg lift

This targets the chest, upper back, shoulders, and core.

Kneel on all fours, lower chest towards mat, kick back and up with leg. Alternate leg lift with each push up.

2 x 20 legs each leg

Plank jacks

Targets: core, shoulders and glutes.

Start in the conventional push up position with arms fully extended under you. All weight should now be supported on your hands and toes. Jump both feet outwards at least18 inches from start position, jump back to centre and repeat. Keep back flat, abs engaged and body aligned throughout.

2 x sets of 60 seconds.



Reverse lunge with triceps kick-back

Targets quads, glutes, triceps and core.

Stand upright with your arms by your sides and holding dumbbells. Step back dropping your back knee just about to the floor. Keep elbows squeezed into sides, straighten arms by pushing dumbbells back and away from you. Return, step back with other leg and repeat.

2 x sets of 60 secs.


Follow these for a few weeks and increase the intensity accordingly as you get used the the exercise and become better conditioned. If you feel you can add an additional set please do. And if you have more time to commit you might want to repeat the full circuit. I can assure you these hit the spot and really will tighten, tone and strengthen.

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