Following on from my previous Intermediate Workout you can now take the next step up and follow the Advanced Programme. And as before these do not require you to go to a gym or to get your hands on expensive equipment or training aids. There are only four exercises here and this circuit can be performed in just 10 minutes.

These exercises have been picked because they really hit their marks and I have many years of evidence to show they will have a genuine impact on the way you look, feel and perform if you follow them correctly and apply this minimal time input.

Jumping squats

This is a superbly dynamic exercise and brilliantly target: quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes.

Stand upright with hands on hips, bend at hips and knees to half squat position, arms straight out behind, jump straight up and land in semi squat position. Repeat jump.

* Make sure the space immediately overhead is clear!

3 x sets of 60 seconds


Full push up

The old faithful and one of the most effective targets of shoulders, arms, chest, back and core.

Maintain body alignment and form throughout. Don’t cheat and always drop to a 90 degree elbow bend before driving all the way up and repeating. If you want to make it a little tougher hook one foot over the heel of the other. This adds more weight and intensity.

3 x 20

KATE STAPLES burn fat fast WORKOUT_2


Mountain climbers

These target back, shoulders and core.

Start in full push up position. Weight supported on hands and toes, abs engaged. Alternately jump feet in and out bringing knees into chest each time.

3 x 60 secs


Pendulum lunge

Targets whole lower body.

Stand upright, hands on hips, feet shoulder width apart. Lift right foot and lunge forward to a 90 degree knee bend. Then push off with front foot and take it all the way behind you to reverse lunge position. Repeat back and forth on same leg for 30 secs before repeating on other side.

3 x 30 secs each leg


Kate Staples is known to millions as TV Gladiator ‘Zodiac’ from the heyday of the smash hit prime time show. She was also a GB pole vaulter who broke over 30 national and international records.

Kate founded Adventure Fitness in the UK which she runs with global sporting legend and twice Olympic decathlon Champion, Daley Thompson. The also funded and run Daley Thompson Athletics Academies for Schools.

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