Out on the streets where I come from, I like to refer to excess fat as junk

The term “junk in the trunk” is often used in a gentlemanly way to describe a well-proportioned derriere.  But general junk however, is a whole other ball game.  It’s the unfriendly, unsightly, unhealthy, unwanted, overhanging adiposity that no one likes to look at.

Blast the junk with this workout!

That brings us to the segment in the show where I give you junk sufferers hope with a fantastical workout.  The actual inspiration to draw it up stemmed from the Dirty Girl Race—an event that combines running with scaling walls, climbing rope ladders, zipping through tunnels, crawling over hills and tackling other challenging obstacles.

Cardiovascular strength is just one parameter of fitness necessary for these tasks.  You also need full-body, functional strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance.

After taking these ingredients into consideration, and consulting with a friend who was taking on the race, I crafted the Junk Reduction Workout.  This will not only tune up your body for the event, but it will also help remove any “junk” that might have set up camp on your person.  This includes your: butt, thighs, stomach, arms, chest, back and shoulders.

Simply put, expect to slim down AND tone your entire frame.  This routine will require several fitness tools.  If you belong to a gym, you will be good.  If you don’t, you might need to make an investment.

Add weight to lose weight

When doing this workout, think in terms of carrying extra weight on the body.  Yes, I know fat is considered extra weight, but we are going to add even more.

Let’s say you do in fact partake in the Dirty Girl Race or an equivalent race called the Tough Mudder if you are a man.  You will definitely end up with mud caked all over your body which will add weight.

A smart tactic is to train with added resistance attached to your person to get ready for the demands of the race.  This is called the SAID principle, or Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands.

Epic Fat Reduction Workout

How do we fix this?

We will solve this problem by strapping a hyper gravity belt to your waist.  A weighted vest is OK too, but it tends to cause undue stress on the shoulders and spine, so I like the gravity belt better.  Look for this tool online, as it is not available in stores; at least, not to my knowledge.  Let me know if you need any further assistance finding one.

Wear the belt throughout your workouts so your body constantly has extra weight.  Both belts and vests give you multiple weights to choose from.  Always start out light and gradually increase the weight.  A good starting point is 5 lbs. and add a weight increment each week.

I hope you are going to be ready for this.

I’m not saying it is a bright, breezy walk-in-the-park workout. This is designed for those with some workout experience (but not necessarily advanced)  and with serious fitness, shaping and performance ambitions. But believe me it is worth it. You’ll have binned that junk and you will be on course for becoming a mud splattered and throroughly energsied obstacle course racer too!

In Part 2 (published tomorrow) I will outline in detail the workout.


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