When you decide to train at home, you might find it challenging to train without distraction and without a partner.

Well, you can take this approach and incorporate a comprehensive training regimen, which can augment what you do in the jiu jitsu studio.

Your first part is to work on your cardio conditioning through a warm-up. Keep in mind that your effort should mimic the intensity of the jiu jitsu movements, like the flow, grappling and joint locking.


You need to decide which approach to take

Is it using cardio equipment such as a bike or treadmill, or body weight calisthenics which can also elevate your heart rate but allow freedom of movement with your bodyweight.

The second part is to build a level of base strength and muscle endurance

This can be accomplished by utilizing weighted exercises that encompass the “push” (bench presses, pushups, dumbbell presses, dips, etc.) and “pull” (pull-ups, dumbbell rows, lat pull downs, seated rows, etc.) technique.

Also leg exercises like squats and lunges, which simulates the type of movements executed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

Always keep in mind to utilize proper lifting techniques and do not use an excessive amount of weight. This is an important step that aids overall performance.

The third part relates to the drilling on your own and at home

Drills are an effective way to internalize the particular movements of jiu jitsu. Here are some drills that connect to cardio conditioning, core strength and stability:

jiu jitsu drills_2Jiu Jitsu drills

– Kangaroo – In a squatting position, with your hands behind your head and fingers laced, stay as low as you can and jump. When you jump, your heels should touch first.

– FrogStart in a squatting position, leap forward and your hands should touch first, then your feet touch the ground slowly.

– Spider – Start out on all fours looking down, then crawl forward for a distance then, at a certain point, stop and rotate your left leg towards the middle and turn your left hip inward so that you are then facing up. Take the right leg and turn it from an outside position and rotate the right hip down and rotate it to the left to a point where you are facing downward again.

– Scorpion – Lean forwards and touch hands down in front, now lift one leg up and keep it as high as possible. Next, move your arms forward and put your hands down, then bring your back leg forward. Then repeat the arm movement again and bring your grounding leg forward.

– Crocodile – Down on all fours, elbows and knees face outside, fingers pointing inside, stay low while moving, opposite arm and leg move.

The drilling exercises are great for overall conditioning and it usually ties into your approach on grappling.

During the execution slow down the movement pattern to key in to how you transfer your weight, move your hips; roll over your shoulder, etc. This will lead to continued improvement when you cannot make it into class!

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