I think everybody knows Jennifer Lawrence from “The Hunger Games” movie series. If you have already seen the film or have read the book you exactly know that Katniss Everdeen has to climb, run, shoot with a bow survive so she must be very fit and agile.

A few words about the actress as she sees herself. Jennifer L. called herself a “fat actress” compared to Hollywood’s skinny standard because she claimed that she doesn’t diet, loves junk food and also said nothing can motivate her to work out.

Besides from her statement, she put a lot of work and effort in her preparation with trainer and chiropractor Dr. Joe Horrigan to play Katniss. He said: “We only had six weeks. So it was a very intense workout. We had warm-ups, track drills, agility drills, medicine ball workouts, sprints. And then, we had stationary bike rides. We had people train her to climb trees, climb rocks, she even had archery workouts”.


For this role she had to be leaner but not skinny, she needed to improve strength, stamina, agility. During pre-production, her trainer helped her perfect her running technique during daily workouts, along with strength and endurance training.

I think it’s really important for girls to have people to look up to. And, to feel good about themselves. I don’t want girls to think, ‘I want to look like Katniss, so I’ll skip dinner. In Hollywood, I’m considered obese. I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong – not thin and underfed.” Jennifer Lawrence

The workout

She worked with her trainer twice a day and they combined track work (agility drills, running technique, sprints), strength training, yoga. It was a 6-week intensive training program focusing on agility and speed training. On each training day she had morning and evening workouts.

– Of course you do not have to go crazy and you can start 3 days a week, 1-2 shorter sessions a day until your body adopts to the workload.

– If you train regularly feel free to make the routine harder by increasing the number of repetitions, the weights, the time.

– If you are not keen on weights you can swap those exercises to a bodyweight one.

The Jennifer Lawrence workout is all about doing safe, effective exercises to get in shape fast. Always start your workout with a 10-15 minutes warm-up and finish it with stretching.

Let’s see a possible routine.

Jennifer Lawrence workout_2

Monday – wednesday – friday

(You do not have to do Stunts or Archery. I just want you to see how were her days. On the other hand archery is a good sport and worth to try.)

Morning: agility

Afternoon: stunts

Evening: 30 minutes on a stationary bike

Workout: agility

– Cardio warm up: cardio warm up on stationary bike (10 minutes)
– Lower body warm up: walking lunges (15-20 reps per leg)

3 rounds of: (1 min rest between rounds)

– Jump Squats (30 secs on / 30 secs rest)
– Lateral Lunges (10 reps each leg)
– Step Ups onto bench (10 reps each leg)
– Push ups (20 reps, use knees if necessary)
– Straight-Leg Sit-Ups (15 reps)
– Side Planks (30 secs hold)

The actress also had to prepare for the Katniss role by going to climbing gyms. She had to become an expert climber.

Tuesday – thursday

Morning: Sprints

Afternoon: Archery/Yoga

Evening: (30 Minutes on a stationary bike)

Workout: sprints

Cardio warm up: Skipping back and forth
Cardio warm up: March for 1/2 mile
– Grapevines (5 mins)
– Side-to-side steps (5 mins)
– Sprints: 200-meters x2
– Sprints: 150-meters x2
– Sprints: 100-meters x2
– Stair jumps (20 mins)

Her workout uses yoga in the afternoon to stretch her long and lean body. I would recommend to go to a yoga class, for at least a 30 mins session.

Apart from this workout plan, which is more like a guideline, you can also join a TRX class, kettlebell class, running club, try indoor wall climbing. Alternately you can try parkour if you are interested in it and have the minimum physical requirement.

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