Yesterday Sarah introduced us to the crucial process of Intro-ing a class. That moment when you can make everybody feel at ease and eager to participate – from the experienced to the slightly nervous newcomers.

Here in Part 2, she looks at the equally critical Outro. This is when you can make people feel thrilled to have been at the class, truly valued and already looking forward to the next time…  

The Outro

Your Outro is just as important as your Intro!

Your outro happens at the end of the class and should include your name, thanking the participants for coming and participating with an invitation to return to the next class, as well as an invitation to ask any questions after class.

You want to take a few moments to remind class participants of your name

They may have forgotten it after working up a sweat in class.

This way, they can brag about how awesome your classes are, find more of your classes on the schedule, or feel more comfortable asking you questions.

You also want to thank those who participated

They chose to come to YOUR class, so acknowledging them and how great they did can really make a positive impact. You also want to invite participants to attend a class later this week or next week, letting them know of any schedule changes (if applicable).

Finally, you want to ensure participants feel welcome to approach you after class and ask questions

This is a great opportunity for you to get some one-on-one time with participants who you may not be able to communicate with individually during class.

Your outro may sound something like:

Great job today class! Again my name is Sarah, thanks so much for participating! I hope you choose to come back next week at the same time! If you have any questions or comments about today’s class, please feel free to stop me before leaving! See you soon!

intro and outro_2Starting and ending times

One thing I’ve noticed that really gets under a class participants’ skins is class times.

If a class is scheduled to start at 5:30am and end a 6:30am, the class should start and end on time.

As instructors, it is our job to facilitate a great workout while respecting the time of our participants. In addition, fitness facilities often schedule classes back to back during busy times, so running over on your class can make the class after yours start late.

Arriving early and planning your class ahead of time are great ways to ensure that you have ample time to set up and finish and clean up for the next class.

Music selection

Although everyone has different tastes, different music styles work better with certain formats. If you teach a cardio class, having upbeat music is going to help motivate your clients.

If you teach a stretching class, however, upbeat, fast-paced music may not be the best choice.

Try your music out and ask for honest feedback from participants.

While you can’t make everyone happy all the time, clients can give some great feedback on what they do (or don’t) want to hear. Regardless of the type of music you choose, always be sure you use the edited version of songs to ensure no one is offended by language.

Again, as instructors, we are all about inclusion, and foul language is a sure-fire way to offend someone.

I hope your classes enjoy your new intros and outros and you are able to engage new members by utilizing the techniques in this article!

Happy teaching!

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