The interval walking workout has a variety of benefits on humans!

We are designed to move around and not sit around the whole day, and in fact our health depends on it! Walking is something we can all do and puts relatively low stress on the body compared to running or sprinting, with added benefits it could be done anywhere without a costly gym membership. Dr. Hiroshi Nose at the Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine in Matsumoto, Japan did some interesting research on interval walking obtaining profound physiological benefits.

In a two year follow up, the researcher also found 70% of the people adhering to the program and benefitting from it, compared to an approximately 20% retention of people going to the gym. Dr Hiroshi found that walking three times a week challenges the body into adapting and being healthier.


What you will need for a beginner walking program?

Appropriate walking attire, a watch and an area to walk (if you live close to a river or canal why not walk with a view).

interval walking workout

To start we use the FIT(Frequency, Intensity, Time) principals. The beginner program frequency will be 3 days a week, with intensity varying between 3-7/10 and time 3 minute intervals for a total of 30 min per day. The FIT principals can be adjusted to get a more intense workout, as well as bringing in some bodyweight exercises. For now we will concentrate on a beginner program that works.

What to do?


-Warm up 5 min 2-3
-Walk Fast 3 min 7
-Slow walk 3 min 3-4
-Walk Fast 3 min 7
– Slow walk 3 min 3-4
– Fast walk 3 min 7
– Slow walk 3 min 3-4
– Fast walk 3 min 7

Cool down and streatch: 4 min 2-3

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