When we walk into a gym and exercise there is always a form of order to what we do first and what we do next…

A lot of the time we follow a pattern because we believe that pattern of training can be successful for us from a fitness goal perspective. Have you ever wondered why when you did cardio before you weight-trained that you don’t have any energy at all? Why does that happen? And can you still get a great workout training that way?

Should you change the order to maximize your workout and get better results?

To really obtain a great workout you want to have the energy to effectively and efficiently execute each portion of that workout. If you have no strength or little to no energy when you are lifting weights then it will negatively impact this entire phase of your workout. Remember that the more intense your weight-training workout is the higher the EPOC- (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) effect- (After Burn Effect).

So if your intensity is minimal to zero then it will affect how many calories you can truly burn during and after the workout.


What is Interval Training?

It is about to low to high intensity workouts with rest and relief periods. And it is a great effective way of burning calories within a shorter amount of time because of the intensity.

When implementing this while doing any form of cardio it is not advisable to do this first and then weight-training immediately afterwards.

I’ve done this before many years ago when I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I am now in exercise science. I did an intense sprinting workout for about 35 minutes and then immediately afterwards I went to the gym and lifted weights. When I was lifting I had very little strength and very little energy because the cardio intervals left me empty.

I can honestly say it was the worst weight-training workout I’ve ever had. I was almost like a walking zombie trying to push some weights.

interval training workouts_2

I didn’t need to read a scientific research article to tell me that doing interval training right before you lift weights is not the best thing to do from an energy efficiency perspective. All I had to do was make the mistake many years ago to find out this was not the best approach to effective training.

And I’ve had many clients who have experienced the same thing. And nothing could be clearer than the realisation that they couldn’t train properly s a result. I’ve also done the opposite as an experiment where I had a long weight-training workout and then immediately went to the track and did interval sprints.

I didn’t feel tired at all when doing the sprints and I was energetic in both the weight-training and interval cardio training workout.

Based on personal experience this is how I train and what I teach – weight-training first and immediately interval cardio training 2nd.

If you follow this training protocol you will get better maximal results!

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