You only have 40 minutes to workout and are in need of a good ‘beasting’? That’s no problem. I have just what you need right here!

Although I’m going to describe this as a 30-minute power cardio workout, don’t let that stop you from going longer. It can easily be adjusted to your liking. I actually suggest doing it longer if time permits. Well, you also need to be in good enough shape to go longer.

I always say that you have to earn your high-intensity workouts. If you can’t perform with at least 90% quality or better, you have no business going into the higher intensity arena. But for right now, you have my permission to move forward and try this out.


Be sure to drink water before you start and I suggest coming in on an empty stomach. You don’t want food sloshing around in your gut when you’re in a full sprint. Things can get ugly fast.

Short. Sharp. Effective…

OK, you are going to need a flat stretch and hill to pull this off. Wear a watch so you can keep track of your time.

Start out with a light 10-minute jog to warm up right near the hill. Once you are done, sprint up the hill as hard as you can, then turn around and run back down. Find a hill that is about 50 yards long and run all the way to the top. You can also just find a landmark to run to that’s about 50 yards. That’s how I used to do it in rural Northeast, PA where I grew up.

After you come to the bottom of the hill, turn around so your back is facing up the hill. Yes, you will be backwards. Backpedal up and jog back down. If there are any neighbors or traffic coming by, you will likely get strange looks. Suck it up! I’m not sure if I ever did a workout in my life and didn’t get funny looks from people. Ignore it. Wave, smile and wish them well for they know no better.

If anything, use that for motivation to crush your workout.

After you jog down from your backward sprint, hit the flat stretch and sprint again for about 50 yards. Again, look for a landmark if you need it. Then turn around and jog back to the hill slowly and sprint up. Come back down forward and go back up in reverse. Once you get back to the bottom step on the gas on the flat stretch. Repeat this series for 20 minutes.

Finish the same way you started, but with a 10-minute cooldown. Start this off with a slow jog and gradually decrease your speed until you are walking slowly.

intense power cardio workout_2

Good footwear is essential

There you have it. But before I go, let me give you some tips on footwear. I personally am a barefoot runner but if you are not, I highly suggest you wear a pair of shoes that give you good foot and ankle mobility. Any skater shoe with a hard-rubber sole will suffice.

Land on the front of your foot instead of your heel. This will be easy when you’re going uphill but you need to make the transition mentally on flat ground. A forefoot strike will take a lot of impact away from your joints.

With that I bid you adieu and wish you safe running. Let me know if you need any more assistance.

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