Is your goal to bulk up and set whole new personal levels of strength?

This is the aim of many, but how many men and women truly reach their potential and reap the rewards of hard work and toil in the gym?

So if you want to not only look stronger, but be genuinely more powerful, then try this insane muscle and strength workout and see how much progress you can make.


I can assure you, the results will follow! Try to perform on a four day split such as:

Day 1 – Monday,

Day 2 – Tuesday,

Off Day – Wednesday take off,

Day 3 – Thursday,

Day 4 – Friday.

Take the weekend off.

Perform 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions on each exercise, except where noted in parentheses, i.e. (3×25 is 3 sets of 25 repetitions).

Day 1


Key Points

Major Muscles

Minor Muscles


Take a grip 6 inches wider than shoulder width. Keeping the back arched, pull your body up bringing the elbows into the side. There should be downward rotation of the scapula to initiate the movement. Pull up so the bar is in front of your head, to just under your chin.

Latisimus Dorsi.

Biceps, Forearms, Upper back.


Put one knee and hand on a bench for support and to take strain off the lower back. Put your other foot out wide enough to keep your hips even and keep your knee bent. This position should form a tripod. With your free arm bring the dumbbell up to the side of your ribs.

Latisimus Dorsi.

Mid/Upper back, Biceps, Forearms.


Stand with your knees bent, and your upper body parallel to the floor. Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Pull the bar up to the lower part of your sternum, keeping your elbows out away from your sides.

Upper/Mid back

Biceps, Forearms, Latisimus Dorsi.


Lie on a bench with the dumbbells at arms length above you, your palms facing each other.  Lower the weights out and down to either side in a wide arc as far as possible. Your palms remain facing each other throughout the movement. Bend your arms slightly to reduce the stress on your shoulders and elbows.

Pectoralis major.

Anterior deltoids, biceps.


Your forearms should be perpendicular to the floor when the bar is just above your chest. Lower the bar to your mid-chest (but not touching). Raise it, following a natural arch up over your face. Keep your elbows out and perpendicular to your body.

Pectoralis major.

Triceps; Anterior deltoids; Pectoralis minor, Shoulder girdle muscles.


Use a 30-45 degree angle on the bench. Lower the dumbbells to your upper chest, and then press them back up to a starting position, with your palms facing forward throughout the movement.

Upper pectoralis major.

Triceps; Anterior deltoids; Pectoralis minor, Shoulder girdle muscles.


Lying on your back, with your thighs resting over a bench and perpendicular to the floor, press your lower back against the floor and curl your shoulders up until your arms touch your knees.

Rectus Abdominis.

Hip flexors, Obliques.

muscle and strength workout_2

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