In Part 1, I began to tackle the expectations of becoming ‘The Incredible Bulk’ and showing you the realistic toned body you can achieve. 

The scale doesn’t just weigh fat…

It weighs muscle, water, bone, your organs, blood and everything else in your body. The scale has no way of expressing to you whether your losses or gains are due to fat.


And losing muscle isn’t a reason to rejoice as muscle contributes to more caloric burn per minute, hour, and day than fatty tissue. And fat and muscle aren’t made equal! A pound of fat can be thought of as a big, fluffy pound of feathers while a pound of muscle can be thought of like a small and compact piece of heavy gold.

A better way to gauge progress than the scale? Ask yourself how your clothes are fitting and how you are feeling.

The envy complex

So, you want arms and legs like her? Maybe a butt like her too? And that nice toned stomach? Well, guess what?

It’s no secret. She weight trains and you have to as well in order to achieve that look!

To cardio or not to cardio?

Many women who workout can commonly be seen on the ellipticals, treadmills, or recumbent bikes while the men roam the free weight areas. One common question women have is whether or not all this cardio can contribute to getting a rockin’ bikini body.

The answer is two-fold:

1. Firstly, ANY type of movement can and does contribute to having a positive effect on your body. And secondly, cardio WILL build up your heart, which is one of the most important muscles of your body.

incredible benefits of female weight training_22. And when it comes to getting toned – high intensity cardio (such as sprints or plyometrics) can increase muscle tone by about 5-6% (according to studies).

To get even more bang for your buck, pick up some weights and lift them fast! This will optimize strength training and cardio in one!

Spot reducing

We all have those stubborn trouble areas we all wish would just leave, but the truth is that you cannot actually control where you lose weight any more than you can control where you gain weight. In other words, doing a thousand sit-ups will not give you a six-pack of abs.

That might not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.

Our bodies are biologically and genetically predisposed to storing fat (and other tissue) in certain locations in a specific order.

When you begin weight training, your body will shed the fat in a specific order as well.

There’s a saying that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, and combining solid nutritional habits with weight training is a recipe for success in changing the way your body looks and feels!

Pick up heavy things

Ladies, get off the couch or elliptical trainer and embrace your inner superhero!

Lifting weights will not only show physical results, but it will increase the quality of your life, prevent and maybe even treat disease, increase your confidence and self-esteem, and ensure you never have to ask a man again to remove the lid off the peanut butter jar for you!

To learn more about weight training for women, connect with Expert Emma Pietrzak.

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