The real motivation

Before you start any weight loss or fitness program…Wait.

Wait at least until you find out your real motivation, the factor that will heighten your desire to continue no matter the consequences, where no excuse is strong enough to make you to stop, when you can sacrifice everything to succeed (except your health, human relations and integrity).


Are you willing to work for it?

If you ask people if they would like an athletic body, if they are honest, they probably will respond “yes.” However, the answer may depend on the motivation they have to work for their health.

Many don’t care about that athletic body, not because an attractive, healthy body is not fulfilling, but because they know they simply won’t pay the price to get it.

And that’s OK, not everyone has to have a nice, healthy body. Nevertheless, you are the one reading this article, and these words are directed to you.

Let me repeat myself: How strong is your desire to get in shape and lose weight, and what is your motivation?

Your incentive is what will determine if you will be successful or not.

Start your fitness, lifestyle changes or weight loss program with these questions:

– By doing “this,” is my health jeopardized?

– Can I do “this” for my whole life?

– Why do I want “this”?

First, I think health is indispensable. Therefore, no matter how promising a pill, diet, or caloric restriction or other program sounds, if your health is at risk, you’d better research other ways to get fit.

Be patient; usually we make the wrong choice because we want results right away.

Quality results come over time, not overnight

If you’re planning to get into a caloric restriction diet, are you going to have the same energy?

Can you exercise and yield the same results? Can you sustain the diet for life? Because you know as soon as you drop the diet you’re just going to gain the weight you lost.

Be realistic with your life changes

Back in the past when I was young, I used to drink, smoke, eat junk food and so on.  I was naïve. I did not know much about my future and my health.

It was not until I met my friend Dave, a bodybuilder. His body was so built that he stood apart from the rest of the guys.

I knew that I wanted to build the same body. My desire was to attract the opposite sex and “stand apart” from the rest. I stopped smoking and drinking. Junk food was not a concern for me from this point.

incentive_2Once I achieved my goal three years later, my exercise goal was no longer to attract the opposite sex but to motivate people to achieve their goals. However, I knew only about exercise, not eating habits.

As I continued learning, I found out which foods are simply bad for people’s health. 

Now I had an incentive to stop eating junk food: my health.  I wanted to be healthy and avoid disease such as cancer, diabetes osteoporosis, leukemia … you name it.

The incentive

My incentive was so pleasurable and painful that I stopped drinking and smoking, spent 6 days at the gym even when I worked 16 hours a day and spent more money on organic and real foods.  There was no excuse.

In fact, I was in debt when I switched to organic.  I owed at least $6,000 and had no job and a broken car.  I sacrificed sleep, money, hobbies and beliefs to get to my goal.

Remember this, if you start any program without a real motivation, soon you will drop it, thereby wasting your time, money and effort.  So start your weight loss or fitness program with the right incentive in mind.

Find out your real motivation and keep it in mind until you get to your goal.  Think about the consequences of the program and make realistic lifestyle changes. Hey, your goal might change as you grow, but it will always be to improve. 

Committed to your happiness and well-being,

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