How to work your triceps

I have been asked this question a bunch of times. I am sure people here are also curious on the same issue. How to work your triceps to gain definition fast? I will be honest and tell you it takes hard work. Anytime you are talking definition you should assume it comes with a lot of work involved. Today I will share my secrets on how to work your triceps to gain definition fast.

Triceps are on the back of your arm.

They have 3 heads to the muscle. When your talking definition your talking defining the heads of the triceps. For most people they don’t care for the name of the tricep heads therefore we will keep this simple. You want to have defined triceps you will have to shred some weight.

What I do to work my triceps to gain definition fast is to mix a cardio and superset workout together.

I have been working out since the age of 13 and I am sure just like a lot of you, you’re bored of the gym. I have come up with different ways to still keep my shape without hitting the gym.

This personally works for me so I am sure this will work for a lot of you. I swim. I swim a lot and mix it in with push ups and running.

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Swimming is a great cardio workout because it does not put any stress on your joints especially if you have bad knees. Swimming also works your triceps every stroke you do. I will guarantee if you swim an hour a day and mix that with push ups you will see results very quickly. You can also hit the weight room and superset your swimming with tricep extentions or dips. Do higher reps and lower weights which will also define your triceps faster. Doing heavy weights with low reps will make you bigger but for the purpose of this article would not be the beneficial way of doing things. Work out your legs to define your triceps faster.

Working out your legs brings extra testosterone to the rest of your body which will increase muscle tone to the rest of the body.

These are secrets that most trainers do not know. Most people believe to just hit the weights for the show me muscles and this will be good enough. Big Mistake !!! Train your legs and the upper body will follow. To define your triceps you need to be strict on your eating.

Eating is probably the biggest determinant to see if you can shred your triceps the best. Eating can make or break your entire workout. If you train and run for an hour but then decide to eat ice cream with chocolate syrup. Well then you just ruined the entire day of training. Eat healthy, eat for your blood type if you eat that way and I guarantee with what I discussed here today on this article you will see results quick.

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