Looking to fill out your bikini, make waist look smaller, feel more comfortable in shorts and achieve that well rounded hourglass body? Time to make booty building your new best friend.

Spending too much time sitting leads to underdeveloped glutes that are harder to activate. Addressing this will not only lead to a killer body, but improved posture and overall strength.

Toning your tush is done by building the glute muscles through heavy weight training and getting leaner through balanced nutrition. The glutes are a large muscle group and can benefit from higher training volume.


Three to five days per week can accelerate your butt from soft and saggy to toned and perky. Skip the butt implants and lift, instead get strong on the best exercises for glute activation.

The squat is often praised as the ultimate booty builder, but there are more effective ways to sculpt and tone your behind. Rather than just relying on squats, add these exercises to your workouts for more impressive results:

Barbell Glute Bridge.

The glute bridge should be the foundation of any good “operation build-a-booty”. Don’t be afraid to go heavy in this movement. Having strong glutes is a great way to protect your lower back, potentially avoiding lower back pain.

Roll a barbell onto the hips (use a pad around the barbell to avoid discomfort), with shoulders and heels firmly on the floor extend the hips full and tense the glutes.

You want to squeeze the glutes and pause at the top of the movement for best results. It’s important that you feel the tension in the targeted area.

Walking Barbell Lunges.

Choosing a barbell lunge over other versions means the core will get activated, grip strength won’t be a limiting factor when increasing load and your core will work harder to stabilise the weight.

Place a barbell on your shoulders and without leaning forward take 8-12 long lunge steps each leg allowing the knee to come close to or touch the ground.

Having the barbell on your shoulders forces you to stay more upright with better posture. Make your lunge step big enough so that your leading leg forms a right angle and the knee doesn’t track too far in front.

So take a big step, push through your heel of the front leg on the way up, and squeeze your glutes as you do so.

Most comprehensive training programs will include some sort of squat and lunge movement on leg day, but neglect to add in lateral movements for the Glutes. A lateral band walk is great for for strengthening the glute mediums while improving hip and knee stability.

Using a resistance band placed just below the knees, side step 10 to 12 steps in each direction per set.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a bunch of cardio is going to give you the look you want. Running and extra cardio isn’t necessary or even beneficial to building a bikini body. If you want to sweat a little more and get the best cardio workout for results, try this instead.

Kettlebell swings.

How to tone your butt_2

A great full body exercise that will be challenging and effective. Try doing 6-10 rounds of swings. Each round lasting 20-30 seconds followed by 40-60 seconds of full rest. What a great way to get your cardio in when you’re short on time!

The standard American kettlebell swing or the Russian kettlebell swing are both effective. Do what feel most comfortable. Stand up fast and push the hips forward to generate speed and power as you allow the kettlebell to swing.

Remember this is a swinging movement, don’t try to pull the kettlebell, instead generate all the force from standing up fast and extending the hips fully.


Find a good hill, set of stairs or strip or sand for challenging hill sprints. You can also do weighted sled sprints if you have access to one. Mix it up and find which one you enjoy most.

Again try 6-10 rounds with ample rest between each round so that performance isn’t impaired. Increase intensity, distance or number of rounds each week to see stronger more developed glutes.

Adding glute exercises in more often will yield better results, as they respond well to higher volume and a heavier training load. Add glute exercises in 4-5 days per week for impressive results.

Remember building strong glutes is your gateway to a better looking bum and a jaw dropping bikini body. The added benefit of improving posture and reducing back pain make glute exercises essential in a well planned exercise program.

Staying consistent with your training over time will give you a more notable, smooth & round curves where it matters.

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