Toning your body can and should be fun.   Especially for the sake of doing it everyday.  There is no magic pill or drink.  We must move on a regular basis and try to have fun doing it.

Let’s look at how to tone your body

Start with eating healthier foods.  Eating healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, raw cashews/almonds, drinking more water (if you are not already), prepare your own meals so that you know every ingredient that is in your food.

Eat less per meal and more per day, meaning have 4-5 meals and 2-3 snacks.  Even when you order a healthy meal at restaurants they do not have enough time to clean the grill from all of the seasoning/ingredients that were used to make the meal(s) for other customers.  That prevents you from starving and increases your metabolism.

You will save more money by preparing your own meals as well. 

It is much more difficult to tone your body without eating healthier foods and drinking water daily.  If you sign up with me you get daily meals options sent to you by email.


Add muscle, increase metabolism and tone your body for summer of 2015.

Resistance training and cardio programs should be specific to your goals.  With the goal of toning your body for the summer of 2015 your cardio should be more intense.  Do more in less time.  Try intervals.

Interval Training

The great thing about intervals is that you can use different intervals/time.  20 seconds sprints/40 seconds rest, 30 second sprint/30 second rest, 1 minute sprint/30 second rest or intervals like that.  Try it, if unsure or uncomfortable send me an email with your questions or concerns to see how my programs can work for you at the level you are at now.

Increase the resistance in your weight or bodyweight training.

Mens repetitions of 6-10 with no more than 120 seconds between sets.  Ladies repetitions of 10-15 with no more than 90 seconds between sets.

Unless you have restrictions (asthma, wheel chair, pain) you should be able to get through your program in 20-35 minutes excluding stretching.  Stretch afterward to prevent excess soreness/pain especially the next morning when you wake up.  You should sleep better if you were not before, feel and look better than you did previously.  Now that you are starting, restarting or doing something different keep going.

Do NOT use the scale to dictate being healthy, in great condition or sexy.  Go by how your clothes fit and how you feel.  If you are losing weight and have less energy  that means you are not eating enough and/or losing muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat for males and females.
To increase motivation and challenge workout with one or more people. 
Try different things and make it fun.  Make health and fitness part of your every day routine.  Consult with your physician before starting a new program, be careful, challenge yourself and have FUN.

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