Relapses are responsible for so many people dropping their weight loss program.

We need to learn how to stay motivated to workout. There are many reasons why people relapse, including going through a divorce, moving house, work pressures, not being able to pay the gym program membership or having too busy a schedule.  Injury is another big one.

A physical injury not only leaves a physical pain but often also mental and emotional pain.


I remember when I was learning how to cross the rope as I jumped rope; I smacked myself with the swiftly moving rope on my bare back.  It seriously stung! I tried to correct my error but by the third unsuccessful attempt, I could not make myself even try even though part of me wanted to, because I was afraid.

It is not easy to overcome fear and keep trying. In order to start over again we need some sense of safety or security.  This is what you should focus on when you are afraid to try again: encouragement.

How can your trainer best assist you during training?

I have a new member who is very excited about training at Custom Body Fitness. He has been with me for only one month and has already lost 12 pounds! He trusts me.

In the beginning, it was difficult for him to start since he was afraid of injuries and being in pain all the time. He started the program came one day and then quit. I talked to him a month after that. Soon he came back and is back to working hard to improve his body and overall general health.

We discovered that his legs were weak and that he needs some work. At first the exercises I got him on to target this issue made his right leg uncomfortable. My client was at first worried about the possible pain. He communicated this discomfort to me because, quite rightly, he does not want to get hurt and relapse since he loves his new lifestyle.

He wanted my advice about his discomfort. He knows that he needs to work his legs, but at the same time he does not want to get hurt.

Communication with your fitness professional is important to avoid injury and to prevent relapse.

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It is important that when you feel any discomfort, you mus communicate with your health coach. Don’t grin and bear it or worry that it looks like a sign of weakness. A coach can help you discern between simple discomfort and something that is natural and manageable, and the pain that leads to injury or more serious consequences. There are discomforts that need to be overcome.

For example, my new client can’t do specific exercises. Nevertheless he knows he needs to strengthen his legs to be able to get rid of the discomfort. The solution is pretty simple – it is to continue working his legs with mild exercise until he can do exercises he can’t perform at this point in time.

We all have relapses in of our lives.  If we analyze our fears, we see that many of them come from our failures. It is how we address these and come back from them that matter.

In fitness, if you are afraid of making a mistake or injuring yourself, I recommend you hire a professional to safely guide you through the steps. Then you’ll be proud that you finished what you started.

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