At this time of year people tend to put a great deal of stress on their well being. They have enjoyed the hustle and magic of the holidays and looked to please so many people.  But it can be draining and also straining on the physique.


One thing that they could do is to plan or schedule some activity that involves just themselves or a group of people. It is important to stay active after the holiday season!

Shopping in the New Year sales can be considered an activity! Just think, you have to manoeuvre through the crowds, all those multi-directional moves. And then there is all that standing your ground in the long lines, which can elevate your heart rate and burn some calories.

How to stay active 

Here are some other activities that you can add to a list: 

Ice skating, sledding in the snow, skiing, running or walking in a 5km race (check your local listings for one near you!),  checking out different walks around the neighborhood, dancing classes or just parties where you can dance!

Check out your local gym and see what is on the schedule for group classes. Sometimes the class attendance is low due to the fact that people are traveling out of the area or caught up in the local events outside.

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So here is the plan, first you want to organize the activities… 

You could classify them so you list the most exciting, fun and adventurous ones first.  Another way of approaching it would be to list the ones that you have never done first. Getting stuck into something new is exciting. Then you can or should solicit participation from your family and/or friends. The more the merrier and this will help keep everyone motivated and involved!

Next you would want to check to see when these activities are available and if they are offered at an indoor/outdoor facility or resort.  Also check to see if there is an associated fee for admission and participation.  Now check to see if you need any special equipment or personal gear based on the chosen activity, and find out if it is cheaper to rent or buy the necessary equipment or personal gear.

Participating in these activities will provide some variety to your regular training routines.  You can still monitor things if you have the device; track your caloric burn and monitor your heart rate, if you are so inclined. 

You can also reward yourself with a special treat or beverage, and better yet,  you can try out your culinary talents and create a new and healthy meal or side dish and make it part of your holiday tradition!

Another important aspect of staying active is that you can rekindle your relationships with family and friends, and make new friends along the way. This would greatly enhance your health and well being, and bring about a much appreciated mood elevation and endorphin release, now who does not like that part?  

So instead of just sitting around this post-holiday season, get out and make the most of outside or inside and see what it has to offer!

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