Ever wonder how high performance and elite athletes get the job done day after day with little to no DOMS effect?

They seem to have the most amazing capacity to keep going. To train, compete, train and compete again. And not just that, but train intensely and then compete at the very highest levels.

So what is the secret?


There are various factors of course but central to it all is… Recovery.

The ability to recover amidst all that training and competing is the aspect that allows that process to happen and all. If you are not recovering properly, you will just not function and, certainly at elite level sport, you will not compete.

So what aids recovery efficiently and effectively?

The good news is – a truly great secret weapon when it comes to vital recovery is something we all have access to for free…

There are immense healing and recovery properties in water.

In this article the effects of cryotherapy will be revealed and they will hopefully change your training and take you to a whole new level.

It certainly has with my own competition preparation. As I have discovered, saving time for effective recovery brings trophies!

The benefits of cold water

Cold water produces a feeling of euphoria and it builds up resistance to disease, and it slowly develops a physical vigor within the body.

Some other therapeutic effects of cold water are: insomnia, helping with poor circulation, aches, helps decrease nervousness (for those who like their hyphy-mud too much), exhaustion, weakness and post exercise aches.

how to recover faster_2The reason for this is that it penetrates deep into the muscle right down to the bone.

Cold pushes blood away from the surface constricting the external area and when the area is reheated circulation is increased due to the cold. It re-oxygenates and gives nutrients back to tissues thus eliminating toxins so effectively.

In fact humble cold water performs this job better than any of the numerous expensive over the counter supplements and creams.


So as you might imagine, this knowledge saved me a few hundred dollars a month and loads of money over months and years!  And now I want to share with you how to recover faster…

Here are a few examples of how to implement cryotherapy depending on time that you have:

Cold water treading (12c water temp)
1. Fill bath tub with cold water up to ankles or up to calves for a deeper effect
2. Enter tub. Be careful not to fall
3. March for up to 5 min – or sit, whichever is more tolerable for you

Contrast shower (hot and cold to your level. Tolerance will build)
I used this one the most due to timing and i was showering post workout anyway so this one work too but not as good as above.
Post workout shower prior to finishing:
2-3 min hot as tolerated
1-2 min cold as tolerated

Perform 3 times and end with cold.

*Do not use cold water directly on head. From neck down only and make sure you turn and do the front and back of body you can also focus on one area i.e. legs on leg day to have more specific results.

Happy healing and may your workouts bring you great benefits! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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