Let me get one thing clear right from the start.

Muffin tops are for eating.  Just ask Elaine Benes.  I still don’t recommend that you do though because they are fattening.  That’s what brings us to this meeting today.  We need to talk about YOUR muffin top.

I know this is a touchy subject and the mere thought of it might embarrass you, but you are safe.  I’m going to take you by the hand, skip down the sidewalk with you and smile widely a few weeks from now when you decrease the girth of your midsection. And when it’s all said and done, all I ask in return is you tell everyone who compliments you on your new body shape that K/Rail was the one responsible for it.


Please make note that three weeks is not long.  It’s going to be very hard to completely rid yourself of a muffin top in that time span.  I just want to make sure you are aware of this so your expectations are not too high.  That being said, you can still make major changes, given you put forth some hard effort. Ready? Go!

Follow these tips on how to lose the muffin top

1. Clean Eating

This should come as no surprise, but you are going to have to tighten your diet way up.  Give up all junk food, processed foods, baked goods, high-sodium fare and beverages that contain calories.  That leaves you with lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and water.

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2. Cutting Calories

You don’t have time to argue on this point.  Since we only have three weeks to work with, you will need to track your current intake for one day to get a ballpark idea of what you are consuming.

Once you get that number, cut back by 750 calories and make that your new intake. For example, if you currently consume 2,350 calories a day, your new intake will be 1,600.

Do not go below 1,500 a day even if your reduction will take you there. Your body needs a base amount of calories just to function, and if you go too low, your metabolism will slow down. We need to do the opposite.

3. Eat small frequent meals throughout the course of the day

This will keep your hunger under control, metabolism revving and energy levels high.  Make sure to always include a portion of quality protein, complex carbs and essential fats with each one.  Aim for five or six meals a day and try to eat every two to three hours.  Kale salad with a chicken breast, olive oil and an apple is a balanced meal option.

4. Do interval cardio training three days a week on alternating days

It is absolutely imperative that you do cardio to burn fat fast.  The key component that will make miracles happen quickly is the manner in which you do it.  You will experience the best progress with interval training.

I’m going to recommend sprint intervals because they give you the best bang for your buck.  But if you have in issue with impact, choose a form that’s safer for your joints like elliptical training, biking or stair climbing.

Start your workout with a five-minute warm-up, then stomp on the gas and go as hard as you can for 30 to 60 seconds.  Come down to a light intensity to recover and go hard again. Continue to alternate back and forth for 60 minutes then finish with a light five-minute cooldown.

5.  Perform circuit training three days a week on non-cardio days

Choose 8 to 10 exercises that target all of your major muscle groups, including your abs and obliques.  Do them in a series, then start from the top and repeat four times.  Take 30-to-45-second rest breaks in between each exercise.

After you finish your fourth round, start back at the top and do one more with no rest breaks in between.  This time, lower your reps so you can do each exercise with good form.  Always aim for 90% quality or better.

6.  Do a long duration, low intensity workout on your seventh day

This will keep the calorie burn going and your metabolism elevated.  A hike, light jog, bike ride or swim will suffice.  Aim for at least 60 minutes. Now put the final touches together.

You notice I didn’t mention doing thousands of side bends and Russian twists. That’s because you will not get rid of a muffin top by building muscle underneath it.  The underlying message is, you need to melt fat quickly through your entire body.

I’d also like to say that you should aim to burn 750 calories a day in your workouts.  Couple this with a 750-calorie reduction from your diet and you could lose 3 lbs. a week.

OK, my work is done, you now have the tips for how to lose the muffin top. The power is in your hands now. If you want it bad enough and have the discipline, you WILL get rid of your muffin top.  Just stay positive, keep your eye on the prize and do not let any obstacle get in your way.

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