Be interested in your clients lives

If you don’t know your clients or show an  interest in your client’s lives, you’re going to lose them to someone who does.

Now how does that make you feel?


Personal experience

When I first started personal training professionally, I was all about tracking data and recording progress.

Over time though, I noticed clients were leaving and I was scratching my head.

My programs were sharp and totally on point with their goals, so then why the heck was I losing them?

The Ah ha moment!

I started observing other trainers and what they were doing with their clients and when I took a look at the top Trainer in the gym, I was shocked to discover what the secret to their success was.

Seeing the trainer make the client laugh was odd.

Even more odd was seeing that the trainer was seemingly barely training their client. So I started investigating and came up with an ah ha moment.

The Client has to feel amazing

I learned that clients care less about data and more about feeling.

Personal training is primarily two things: sales and emotions.

You’re basically selling a feeling for your clients that every time they workout with you, they feel amazing. They can’t do it without you and like you’re their best buddy.

Interacting with clients is the difference between having someone just train with you through one package versus training with you for years to come.

As with most of my posts, I have a real life story to share with you, so read on, enjoy and hopefully learn something…

how to interact with clients_2The trainer that doesn’t interact with their clients

A while back I had a situation where I accidentally stole another Trainer’s client with no intentions of doing so.

The Trainer had been working with the client for a few months but she wasn’t pleased with her experience and didn’t vocalize that to the Trainer.

When she noticed me, she requested to work with me for a session and we instantly had a great connection because I took the time to know about her and her likes when it came to training.

Eventually we trained from her home and still train together at the time of writing this post.

I remember asking my client why she started working with me and she mentioned it was absolutely because the previous Trainer never really interacted with her.

She mentioned him as a socially awkward and would “weird her out.”

Don’t be that trainer!

Track data, but maybe not so much…

I still track data, but on a simpler level. I track new weights of clients quarterly instead of at each workout. I track form and how clients fit into clothes instead of what their weight says on the scale.

If tracking data is your thing, that’s great and all but don’t forget the personal training business is a people business.

People won’t work with you long term if you don’t keep them engaged and that requires a level of interaction.

I hear you, but how then?

Interacting with clients is simple: treat them as your friend.

Ask them how they’re feeling, how they’re doing, share stuff about yourself with them and allow them to reciprocate.

Take time to really know your clients and what makes them tick.

I’ve been around trainers who were 10 times smarter than me when it came to remembering anatomy and physiology, but were dumb as nails when it came to connecting with people and understanding the reason why their clients signed up for personal training to begin with.

Make jokes with clients, but work them out and work on their goals.

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