Living in the 21st century has its struggles everyone is trying to fit more and more into 24 hours, we tend to do the things that are most important to us first and the least important last, whether they are beneficial to us or not.

We all know that we should exercise but if its not at the top of our priority list then it gets put off until tomorrow, and we all know that tomorrow never comes…

So how can we change this?


I’ve put together five easy ways to improve your health. Five ways that can easily be incorporated into your busy day.

1. Breathing exercises

Breathing is the most powerful means of staying healthy; and of course you are probably saying “I do that already!” But are you doing it right? I mean are you shallow breathing, breathing from just your upper chest area or are you using the entire volume of your lungs?

Shallow breathing is where most people breath from, as we get stressed and overwhelmed our breathing become shallow. The cells in our body become starved and we start to function less effectively, we become tired and lethargic.

I want you to become aware of how you breathe. Because the greater our awareness is the easier it is to change and improve. Place your hands on your tummy and take a big breath in. Does your tummy go in or out? I bet it’s inwards.

When we breathe correctly your tummy should go out as we breath in, this is called diaphramic breathing, which uses the majority of your lungs if not all of them. To start with I want you to just concentrate on doing this. This can be done anywhere at any time. As you get use to this we can start to make it more challenging and improving our lung capacity.

The breathing ratio is – in for 1, hold for 4, and out for 2.

So if you keep that ratio, but increase the times.

Breath in for 4 seconds

Hold your breathe for 16 seconds

Breathe out for 8 seconds

Repeat 10 times

As you get accustomed to this start to increase your timings.

2. Static muscle contraction

Now that we have mastered the breathing we can look at how we can increase our muscle tone. One way is to head down to the gym and start moving some iron, but if we don’t have the time for that we can do something whilst sitting at our desk or on the bus or even cooking your dinner.

We can start by statically contracting each muscle individually,

Great one to start with is your glutes (your bum muscles). Sit up in your chair and tense you bum cheeks together and hold that contraction for 5-10 second then relax complete this 4-5 times through before moving on to the next muscle or group of muscles.

Throughout the day try and cover as many muscles as you can. Tense, hold, relax and repeat. By doing this not only will it help firm up your body but it will help with future training because you are creating stronger neural pathway to each muscle and the stronger they are the stronger you can contract them and the more effective your exercise will be.

how to incorporate exercise into daily routine_2

3. Posture and core work

Becoming more aware of the way we hold our self’ has a massive effect on our energy levels and the way we behave and feel. Have you ever felt sad whilst you are standing proud and tall or even happy when your shoulders are forward head down and slumping forward? It won’t happen because your posture and the way we hold ourselves has a direct coloration to the way we feel.

2mm can change everything.  Raise your chest up 2mm, raise your head up 2mm, push your shoulders back 2mm and see how you feel,

4. Exercise between advert breaks

When you are chilling at home in front of the TV with the family, you can do the advert workout; the advert work out is three minutess of an exercise of your choice

Each time an advert comes on pick a different exercise. Press ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, the list is endless. Make it fun and get the rest of your family involved you could even make it competitive.

5. Take a break and go for a walk

Take 10-20 mins out of you day and go for a walk. This can be done in your lunch break, or even get up 20 mins earlier.

I know it sounds hard to get up even earlier than you are already, but when you do, you will reap the rewards as it will set you up for the day, the one thing that makes us perform better and cleanses our body is oxygen, and what better way to start the day by giving every cell in your body that every morning.

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